L.G. Zangani LLC

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9 Main Street, Flemington, NJ 08822, United States
PH: 908-788-9660
FAX: 908-788-4024

Our Mission is to help management shape a sound investor relations program by disseminating accurate information and targeting pertinent corporate messages which positively influence the perceptions, attitudes, and actions of the investment community toward our clients.

Once this program is in place, we can then modify the expectations of those sophisticated investors who can influence the marginal price of its shares. We aim to convince such investors that creating value is a high corporate priority. We then identify, seek out and help retain as shareholders those investors whose return requirements and risk tolerance parallel management's business plan.

We integrate a sound technology base with personal attention.. We continue to provide sophisticated market research by continually monitoring the pulse of the investment community. By staying abreast of the issues affecting our clients, we can minimize the cost of capital by acting as an interactive sounding board for management strategies. We can provide total turn-key investor relations services or work behind the scenes to navigate our clients through the maze of Regulation Full Disclosure requirements.