Labour MP slams his OWN party for deafening silence on immigration and insists Brexit only happened because they ignored the issue

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Coverage of the IfG's Immigration after Brexit event at the Labour Party Conference.

Jill Rutter, IfG Brexit Programme Director, discusses what Theresa May must do to take back control on Brexit. 

Dr Catherine Haddon, IfG Fellow, discusses collective cabinet responsibility. 

Joe Owen, Senior Researcher, discusses the car industry and the Customs Union post-Brexit with Faisal Islam, Sky News Political Editor.

Financial Times piece on Olly Robbins move to the top Brexit role in Number 10. Quotes Jill Rutter, IfG Brexit Programme Director.

Jane Dudman lays out key facts about the civil service fast stream in a piece for the Guardian. References the IfG's latest analysis on the fast stream.

Daniel Thornton, Programme Director, discusses the opening of the public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Watch from 08 min 39 seconds. 

Emma Norris, Programme Director, explores the biggest issues ahead of the public inquiry into Grenfell Tower.

Huffington Post piece on women MPs on select committees. Includes analysis by Aron Cheung, IfG Researcher.

Jill Rutter, IfG Brexit Programme Director, discusses the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Julian McCrae, IfG Deputy Director, says that turnover in the civil service has always been a problem and that with Brexit, departments need to keep people in post much longer to get through negotiations and implement new regimes.

Coverage of the IfG's new report on Implementing Brexit: Customs.

The UK Government faces a mammoth task to prepare the country for post-Brexit customs procedures as 180,000 traders face making declarations for the first time, the IfG's latest report finds.

Article in the Wall Street Journal. References the IfG's report on Implementing Brexit: Customs.

The IfG's latest report on Brexit and customs warns that European ports must be ready to deal with customs declarations on day one of Brexit.

The IfG's new report finds that customs declarations at the UK border that may be imposed after Brexit would affect 180,000 British traders and could cost them more than £4 billion a year.

Coverage of the IfG's report on Implementing Brexit: Customs.

Joe Owen, IfG Senior Researcher, writes in the Times Red Box. 

Introducing customs checks for companies after Brexit could land firms with a bill of over £4 billion, the IfG's latest report finds.

The IfG's latest Brexit report on customs warns that UK businesses that export to Europe could collectively face a £4billion bill if a transitional customs deal cannot be agreed.

Coverage of the IfG's report on Implementing Brexit: Customs.

James Blitz references the IfG's report on post-Brexit customs in his latest Brexit Briefing for the Financial Times. 

The IfG's Dr Catherine Haddon is quoted in The Times. 



What Brexit means for cross-border trade in goods

A customs deal is necessary but not sufficient for frictionless trade after Brexit.

Improving cost benefit analysis

Government must get better at valuing the costs and benefits of infrastructure.


19th September 2017

The Government’s use of cost benefit analysis must improve if crucial investments in the country’s infrastructure are to succeed, argues...

11th September 2017

Introducing customs declarations after Brexit would affect up to 180,000 UK traders and could cost traders over £4 billion a year,...

6th September 2017

The Government must accelerate ambitious reforms that will modernise the way government works, argues a new report by the Institute for...

16th August 2017

A deal on customs is important to reducing post-Brexit trade friction, but a new paper from the Institute for Government argues that is...

5th July 2017

Canada, New Zealand and Australia top a brand-new index that ranks countries according to their civil service effectiveness.

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