Lassen Communication

Agency Contact
Bredgade 25 G, Copenhagen K, DK 1260, Denmark.
Ph: +45 26 88 08 27
Fax: +45 33 33 02 22

At, we wish to enhance our position as one of the leading consultancies in our sector in Scandinavia and UK.Our mission is to provide top quality consultancy services – each and every time.

What characterizes us is that every assignment is undertaken by involved, creative individuals with many years of management and practical experience in the corporate sectors we deal with.At, the client is our closest service partner. The services and solutions we provide are always immediately applicable to daily routines

At the partners we work with, we stress that all solutions are specially designed in close consultation with management and staff. Our approach is always informal and untraditional.Our main aim is for us to help our clients become ever better at doing their jobs for the benefit of their employees, shareholders, customers and the local community.

In dealing with us, our aim is for you to benefit from such concepts as orderliness, proximity and especially good common sense - in the actual process as well as the solutions we provide.