Latino Victory Fund Should Create Political Ad Sequel That Shows Democratic Candidate Slamming Door in Face of Children of Color

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November 3, 2017

November 3, 2017
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Latino Victory Fund Should Create Political Ad Sequel That Shows Democratic Candidate Slamming Door in Face of Children of Color 


WASHINGTON – The Richmond Times-Dispatch recently reported that Democratic nominee Ralph Northam said he would ban sanctuary cities if one ever appears in Virginia. The announcement follows a Latino Victory Fund TV ad showing Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie’s supporters in vehicles mowing down children of color. Andrea Marta, executive director of the PICO Action Fund, and Eddie Carmona, campaign director for PICO National Network’s LA RED campaign, issued the following statement in response: 

“The Latino Victory Fund should create a sequel to the Gillespie political ad that depicts Democratic nominee Ralph Northam slamming the door in the face of vulnerable children as they run to him seeking refuge from immoral policies. That’s exactly what he's doing in stating he will ban sanctuary cities if they appear in Virginia,said Eddie Carmona, campaign director for LA RED, the immigrant justice initiative of PICO National Network.

"As people of faith, we cannot let this sowing of hate, distrust and fear stand,” said the Rev. David A. Miller, Senior Minister at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation and member of PICO’s DMV Sanctuary Congregation Network. “We call on both candidates to demonstrate the compassion that's called for when we ask the question: ‘who is our neighbor?’ Our network is working for sanctuary to demonstrate and live by our values by seeing each human life as a neighbor, friend or family, not as a criminal." 

Any attempt to ban sanctuary cities or use them as a dog whistle to cater to voters is motivated by a white supremacist political agenda rather than a genuine concern for community safety,” Carmona said. “Political candidates up and down the ballot need to make a righteous decision to resist demonizing policies. We have a responsibility to not only show up for communities who are targeted in this moment, but to hold elected officials accountable for doing the same.”

“Ahead of the 2017 election (and as we prepare for the midterms in 2018) we have a message for Democrats: You can’t have it both ways,” said Andrea Marta, executive director of the PICO Action Fund. “The bible declares that either ‘you will hate the one and love the other.’ Just as our heavenly father has a particular disdain for those who ride the fence, so do we. And we will hold accountable Democrats and Republicans who sell out vulnerable communities.”

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