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Law of attraction is not a new concept and has been around for a very long time. Great icons of history such as Plato, Socrates, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Mother Theresa, to name a few, have always thought of the law of attraction as a universal law that has been around since the universe began. Napoleon Hill was part of the New Thought Movement and was one of the best-selling authors in the early 20th century with two books published on the topic of law of attraction.

 13/02/2014  (PressReleasePoint)
Bramhand ki Adbhut shakti aur unke prayog
Millions of people across the Globe by adopting the concept of Mind programming & attract  peace , good health , wealth , luck and  abundance in their life, that  is now being published for the first time in India, written by Rajat Roy "Bramhand ki aadbhut shakti aur unke prayog”. The book & Project file .  In this book, how thoughts can affect the good and bad aspects of our life  is discussed in detail . As well as 30 days step by step process given in the Project file and Workshop can change & bring a ray of light in our life. Graham Bell , inventor of the telephone (1847 -1922) said about the existence of such a power &  mentioned that " I do not know what this power is but I know that  exists ". According to the quote of Scientist Einstein (1879-1955)    " It's all about imagination , it is a glimpse of the charm of life ". The book also highlights some of the specific process by imaginations . Many are benefitted after doing such type of Law of Attraction workshops around the world.

Rajat Roy ( is the Author & Actor in Bollywood & associated with more than 50 Ad-Films. Last few years he is serving  people with the help of Internet blogs and Workshops ( / cccosmicvibes and &  helped many to change their lives.

The video is to be released soon.
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