Lawyer Son Pays Tribute to His IAS Mother’s “Home Style Cooking” on Amazon and Offers It FREE for Five Days

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In a touching gesture, Prasenjeet Kumar, a London-educated lawyer, has put out on Amazon a 308-page book called “Home Style Indian Cooking In A Jiffy”. Its Kindle version is being offered for FREE from 25 December 2013 to 29 December 2013.

New Delhi, Delhi, India., December 23, 2013 - (PressReleasePoint) -

No mother could have asked for a better tribute from her son.

In a touching gesture, Prasenjeet Kumar, a London-educated lawyer, has put out on Amazon a 308-page book called “Home Style Indian Cooking In A Jiffy”. This is the author’s second book of the series “How to Cook everything in a Jiffy” that along with his  rather popular website catalogues and honours the recipes of his mother Sonali Kumar, who is a serving senior IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer of Jammu and Kashmir cadre.

The book explores the contours of what sets Indian “Home Style” food so apart from restaurant food. With a compilation of over 100 delectable Indian dishes, many of which, the author claims, one can’t get in any Indian restaurant for love or for money, this could be unlike any other Indian Cook book one may have come across. What this book quite uniquely focuses on is what Indians eat every day in their homes. It then in an easy step-by-step manner makes this mysterious, never disclosed, “Home Style” Indian cooking accessible to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of cooking and a stomach for adventure.

The Book, in a semi-autobiographical style, starts with the author’s quest for Indian food in London, wondering in the process as to why his European friends don’t have such a “strange” debate between “Home Style” and “Restaurant” food. He then learns that in Europe, one usually looks up to the versions created in restaurants and by Michelin Star chefs of say “Roast Turkey” and try to replicate it at home. But, in India, people almost look down upon the versions of say, “yellow dal” peddled by restaurants and very condescendingly declare their own “Home Style” versions to be less oily or more tasteful and decidedly superior in any case. Digging a little deeper, Prasenjeet realizes that the whole style of restaurant cooking in India is diametrically opposed to what is practised in Indian homes with respect to the same dish.
Now comes the juiciest piece.

To learn more of his “story” and to let people appreciate what this IAS mother-lawyer son duo have been up to, Prasenjeet has arranged with Amazon to let the e-Book or Kindle edition of this book go ABSOLUTELY FREE for all his friends worldwide for five days from 25 December 2013 to 29 December 2013. Here’s the link:

Any one owning a Kindle device would know how to access this e-Book. Otherwise, Kindle Apps for FREE can be downloaded from Amazon and the book can be read on any PC, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, smart phone, tablet or any other compatible device. Here is the link:

The author recommends this book if:
Someone is an Indian pining for a taste of his home food anywhere in the world, including India.

Someone is an Indian, reasonably adept in his own regional cuisine, for example, South Indian cuisine, but wants to learn about the “Home Style” culinary traditions of the Eastern and Northern India as well.

Someone is NOT an Indian but loves Indian cuisine and has wondered if there could be a simpler way to cook his preferred dishes.

In all, this book teaches to cook some 10 Rice and Bread dishes; 10 Dals (lentils); 15 veggies; 12 Non-vegetarian dishes; 17 snacks and accompaniments; 12 desserts, and 11 drinks!

In between, the author shares tips on how to set up a basic “Indian” kitchen; what spices to keep; what other strange things to look out for while handling Indian cuisine and finally how using the tools of sequencing and parallel processing anyone can put together a four course Indian meal in less than 30 minutes (literally in a jiffy!).

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