Leading an Effective Agile Transformation in the Enterprise

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This ½-day leadership workshop is intended for managers, executives and team leaders that are considering or implementing lean or agile transformation, as well as for those leaders of any software organization needing a step change improvement in software development productivity and quality.

The workshop is an interactive, experiential based format with hands-on exercises, coupled with discussions of applicability to common software challenges and context.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce basic and advanced agile principles and practices as a contextual reference for a large-scale agile software development transformation
  • Understand how to avoid common challenges and pitfalls.
  • Provide a leadership framework that helps management facilitate an effective, large-scale, lean and agile transformation

Agenda: (12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

  • Module 1:  Applying Agile Process & Practice to promote innovation while ensuring compliance.
    • In this module, Caleb will share Agile’s history and why it became so dominant today.  Learn what “Agile” actually is, along with Scrum, Lean and Kanban.  In addition, this module provides detailed examples of how and why key Agile practices promote agility and how Agile will affect your organization, not just the software developers.
  • Module 2:  Common Issues our Customers see implementing Agile practices and processes.
    • In Module 2, you will learn about the common pitfalls and challenges in nearly every organization adopting Agile and what you can do to overcome these obstacles.
  • Module 3:  How does Agile fit in today’s and tomorrow’s DevOps World? 
    • In this portion of the workshop, Wes will discuss what DevOps is and why so many people care about it, and how Agile fits into DevOps?
Workshop Presenter and Facilitator: Caleb Brown 
Caleb Brown has been working with Scrum and Agile organizations for over 6 years now, and like many in this industry comes to it from a unique vector. As a sales engineer for ScrumWorks, an Agile Project Management tool, he soon found that the selling a Agile PM tool is easy, if the customers practice Agile. Since very few organizations knew much of anything about Scrum 6 years ago he had to learn Agile inside and outside to diagnose and address organizational problems before he could sell software.

Today he's moved properly into Agile coaching and training and away from the sales side of the business. He also moonlights as the Product Owner for the ScrumWorks tool, working with a development team in Chennai, India, giving him practical experience coping with one of the most challenging aspects of Agile at Scale; global distribution.
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