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Due to the limitations and various constraints for methods of funding, only a small portion of businesses get the funding required to push their products and services forward. We provide a mechanism that would allow a large portion of those entrepreneurs to get the required funding needed and business support to drive their business forward.

Cairo, Egypt, August 2014(PressReleasePoint)Where can someone find an oasis where ideas can grow? It is exactly what Sharquity have managed to do while creating Sharquity (https://sharquity.com), an innovative platform that will bring up-front and offer support for a dream in order to bring it into reality.
Sharquity Team, has realized a platform based on the concept of crowdfunding in order to create a better link between ideas, support and investment. This meeting ground blends the main core idea of the entrepreneur with the investment power of people that offer support inside the community, leaving the business support to Sharquity's experts. “There is a great potential in this concept which by the help of each other can faster build together a better world” Sharquity CEO said. It is demoralizing for the entrepreneur to have the idea but the place to start could not be found anywhere, it even can create a bad habit inside people’s minds that will suppress creativity because of the lack of funding. The problems that entrepreneurs can have are the methods by which their idea can be better shown worldwide in order to get the support needed for start and that is what Sharquity is doing. No need to bother anymore with the financial aid and business policy that will be Sharquity's job.
Sharquity's mission in this community is to create an equal based environment that can act in the benefit of all the parties involved, a fair and transparent system. On a higher perspective, any type of company that is in development can seek support here if their ideas have a good purpose and will better serve the humanity. The main question that is needed to be asked is “Why this is done?” instead of “What is being done” in order to get a clear view if a crowdfunding project will have a glimpse of success. If it can serve a necessity then with no doubt it can have an effect over the support community.
Being the first truly open crowdfunding platform in Egypt, Sharquity believe in this, in order to support and grow the economic situation that is present here. It is an open gateway for the investors to get a good return on investment by funding the projects, process that is beneficial to investors and crucial for the startups to get started.
The only thing that Sharquity depend on here is how other people can see the potential of this kind of platform but it'd be better to give a proper example that may open eyes to a greater extent and better see the benefit in this as Sharquity does. Consider a situation where all the houses roofs will be covered not with simple roof tiles but with a new kind of tiles that have solar cells impregnated into them. In this way the entire roof will be an energy generator, and this is a type of project that can be brought to life inside Sharquity crowdfunding community.
Contact: info@sharquity.com

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