List of Press Release Ideas

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This is a big list of ideas for writing a press release. Companies who want to issue a press release can select a relevant idea from this list to write a press release. This can never be a complete ultimate list. Please suggest new press release ideas that can be added to this list as well as corrections to ideas in this list. We will add new press release idea suggestions to this collection. 

Product Press Release
Launch of new product or service.
Launch of new version of product or service.
Launch of beta products or preview versions.
Relaunch the product with new features.
Change of name for a product or service.
Announcing free trials of products.
Discontinuing a product or service.
Giving free product license to students, elderly or a needy group.
Change in product pricing.
Acquire product or service  from another company.
Cross selling product or service of another company.
Company files a new patent, trade secret etc.
Buying an important equipment or technology.
Giving away rights of patent or trade secret for free.
Release copyrighted material in public domain.
Training or workshop for product service.
Free training or workshop for product or service.
Release of new product manual or guide.
Launching video tutorial for product.
Releasing analyst report covering the product or service.
Announce product made from 100% recycled items.
Switching to eco-friendly technology.
Using eco-friendly reusable or bio-degradable packaging.
Offer new extended warranty for your product.
Report a unusually novel and unique use of your product.
Organize a contest for best use of product.
Announce awards for innovative use of product.
Announce a challenge using your product.

Customer Press Release
New customer or client for the company.
Announcing new contracts.
Announce renewal of ongoing contracts.
Announce expansion of existing contracts.
Becoming a preferred supplier of client company.
Announcing successful completion of major customer contract.
Share contribution in client achievements.
Jointly announce becoming a client or customer of reputed company.
Announcing a new customer helpline number.
Announcing customer support on whats-app, online chat etc.
Award ceremony for best customers, clients and partners.
Releasing customer satisfaction survey.
Releasing customer benefit survey.
Sharing compilation of customer testimonials.
Report case study of customer saving, money, time using your product.
Launching new online forum for customers.
Arranging special event for customers.
Announce a webinar for customers.
Releasing new catalog or menu.

Marketing Press Release
Announcing a new advertisement campaign.
Announce a new contest or sweepstakes.
Announcing an early bird discount offer.
Holiday related discount sales and promotion.
Seasonal sales and promotion.
Special day or event related sales and promotion.
Find an interesting unusual reason for product discount.
Announcing big discount sale.
Share exceptional turnover recorded on big discount sale.
Announce a new branding initiative like logo, mission etc
Announcing change of branding like logo, mission etc.
Appoint a new brand ambassador.
Product endorsement from a celebrity.
Product endorsement from an expert.
New promotion for product or service.
Free promotion of product or service.
Report a video becoming viral.
Welcome a new affiliate marketing partner.

Company Press Release
Announce launch of new business.
Opening one office in a new location.
Change of office to a new location.
Extended office hour or change of office hours.
Announcement of working hours on weekends or holidays.
Launching a new company website.
Relaunch of company website with new features.
Publish a video explaining new company website.
Announcing new presence of social media like Facebook.
Announce dealership or franchise opportunities in new areas.
Announce new dealer for a new location.
Opening of new franchise in a new location.
Business expansion to a new region or country.
Announcing an intent to enter a new industry.
Acquisition or merger with new company.
Starting a sister concern or a subsidiary.
Partnership between two companies.
Becoming a certified partner of another company.
Project collaboration between two companies.
MOU between two companies.
Company getting new certification(like ISO).
Company completes so many years in business.
Company completes an important milestone in terms or turnover or clients.
Company joins a trade association or consortium.
Company jointly develops industry standards with other companies.
Lobbying for a special cause along with other companies.
Company completes a new round of venture capital funding or angel funding.
Company announces venture funding into a new startup.
Company announces incubating facility for new startups.
Company seeking crowd funding with new crowd funding campaign.
Company successfully completes crowd funding round.
Company becomes public by listing on stock exchange.
Appointing a new adviser for the company.
Appointing a new director for the company.
Announcing retirement of company director.
Announcement of company offering itself for sale.
Company offers one of its assets for sale.
Company appoints a new law firm.
Company appoints a new auditor.
Publishing results of regulatory audits, security audits.
Company changes its legal structure (from proprietorship to partnership, LLC to PLC ) etc.
Company being awarded for best performance.
Company featuring in media or analyst report as top performer.
Company participates in a trade fair, exhibition or event.
Company organizes an event.
Organize a industry specific quiz competition.
Arrange a celebrity visit to the company.
Release a new book authored by your expert.
Publish a research paper in reputed scientific publication.
Company publishes free eBook.
Company publishes free research report.
CXO  speaks in a seminar, tele-seminar or webinar.
Sharing time sensitive tips, advise or opinion to public.
Releasing result of a recent industry specific survey, poll.
Announce a new online poll or survey.
Position your staff as an expert by offering an expert opinion.
Making industry predictions and forecasts.
Spotting and reporting a new industry trend.
Company announces free training.
Company sponsors a sports person.
Opening new Youtube channel.
Report growth in website traffic.
Announce a new podcast series.
Release open letter to government.
Release open letter to general public.
Announce efforts to conserve energy using new technology.
Announce a new policy to avoid e-waste.
Announce new efforts to stop pollution.

CSR Press Release
Helping in times of emergency or disaster.
Product or service helping people with special requirement.
Product or service helping a disadvantaged group.
Offering scholarships to student.
Arranging public tour of facility or factory.
Offering internship to students.
Company helps a local community.
Help an orphanage or old age home.
Company sponsors a social cause or event.
Announcing reservations in job for disabled.
Announcing reservations in job for ethnic and economic minorities.
Planting trees in neighborhood.
Releasing a video on campus green cover.
Donations like tools, equipment to meet the need of government agencies.
Donations to non profit agencies.
Donations to government like disaster relief fund.

 HR Press Release
Important person joining your company.
Announcing retirement of employee.
Announcing resignation of an employee.
Announcing plans to hire new employees.
Reports on employee churning and retention rates.
New employee benefit schemes.
Employee obtaining a new professional certification.
Employee completing an important training,
Agreement with temporary staffing agencies.
Hiring premium recruitment agencies. 
Work from home options for employees.
Flexible work hours for employees.
Leave and special benefits for mothers.
Opening creche inside office premises.
Opening gym and sports facilities for employees.
Opening a cafeteria inside office premises.
Contract with a caterer for supplying food.
Releasing employee satisfaction survey.
Releasing report on workforce diversity.
Company offers stock option for employees.
Recognizing employee for achievement.
Organizing annual event  for staff.
Organizing special tours for staff.
International travel by employees for work.
Representing the company in government delegation.
Announcing family friendly policies for workers.
Arranging campus recruitment for graduates in certain area .
Announcing a job fair for filling many vacancies.
Announcing results of fire drill and emergency preparedness.
Announcing new pension and insurance plans for workers.
Arranging health checkup camps for employees.
Offering a concierge service for employees.
Negotiating group discount offers for workers.
Establishing closed user group mobile plans and discount plans for company staff.