Little House on the Prairie Fan Favorites Marathon

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2pm    A Harvest of Friends   

The Ingalls family settles on the banks of Plum Creek in Walnut Grove. Once their house is built, Charles faces the difficulties of working multiple jobs in order to pay for his farming equipment and an accident may make that impossible.

3pm    Country Girls   

As Laura and Mary prepare to go to school for the first time in their lives, they are afraid the other children won’t like them. The other youngsters taunt them because they’ve outgrown their dresses. The chief trouble-maker is Nellie Olson, daughter of the owners of the Walnut Grove store.

4pm    The Richest Man in Walnut Grove   

When Lars is unable to pay Charles two months’ back pay, the Ingalls family is forced to work together and sacrifice to pay their bills. Mary sews to earn money, Caroline helps with the farm work, and Charles finds work digging a well.

5pm    The Lord Is My Shepherd Part 1   

Guest Star Ernest Borgnine -  Jealous of the attention Charles showers on his newborn son, Laura longs for the place she believes she’s lost in her pa’s affections and angrily refuses to pray for her little brother to get well when the baby becomes seriously ill.

6pm    The Lord Is My Shepherd Part 2   

Believing that her jealousy was responsible for her infant brother’s death, Laura climbs a hill, hoping to get close to God and ask Him to trade her life for her brothers. While praying she meets a stranger.  Has he been sent to guide her through the trial?

7pm    The Collection   

Guest Stars Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash – When Rev. Alden falls ill while collecting, ex-convict Caleb Hodgekiss offers to collect the money himself.  However, Hodgekiss is actually scheming to keep the money for himself, until he sees how the money is intended to be used.

8pm    Bunny   

Following an argument with Laura, Nellie is knocked from her horse and pretends to be crippled, then uses Laura’s guilt about the accident to turn her into her personal servant. When Nellie discovers that the whole town will do anything for the poor little “cripple” she uses her faked illness to control everyone.

9pm    The Creeper of Walnut Grove   

Foul behavior is in the air and junior detectives Andy and Laura take tips from a fictional sleuth of Scotland Yard to track down the mysterious Walnut Grove chicken thief, ruffling a few feathers of their own along the way.

10pm    The Hunters

Charles is badly wounded on a hunting trip when Laura knocks over a gun and it discharges. Laura desperately searches for help, and convinces a blind man and his son to help them. When the son leaves Charles alone in the cabin, Laura and the blind man are forced to work together to find their way out of the woods and get a doctor.

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