Market Standouts - Generator Energy Shot Can This Aggressive New Player Take a Bite Out of 5-Hour Energy?

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West Palm Beach, FL – A unique energy shot has just been introduced to the market. So far, the feedback has been nothing short of incredible.

Generator Labs, LLC, a Florida-based energy supplement company, has re-invented the energy shot with the introduction of their new product, Generator. It looks like nothing else on the market, and, most importantly, it works like nothing else on the market.

Most energy shots are designed by corporate marketing departments and food development groups, the same people who produce soda and chewing gum. Generator is the only true broad-spectrum energy shot designed by a certified fitness trainer. Generator is a combination of energy supplements traditionally used by professional athletes and fitness experts to gain a competitive edge during training and competition.

Marketed under the highly visible and equally unique Rhino Mike™ brand, Generator is designed to benefit working Americans, regardless of career. Generator provides strength, stamina and focus in a handy two-ounce plastic bottle. While other “me too” highly caffeinated energy shots claim to deliver five, six or seven hours of energy, Generator simply promises to provide “focused energy all day long.”

The formula for Generator is sugar-free and places minimal reliance on caffeine.

Dozens of men and women from all walks of life were asked to try Generator during the developmental stage.

The feedback was consistent;

• Hours of increased energy without edginess
• Improved concentration for prolonged periods of time
• More stamina during demanding physical and/or mental activities
• The overall feeling of being “on”
• Decreased appetite
• No debilitating energy depletion or “crash” at the end of the energy curve
• No difficulty sleeping or any other adverse side effects

The Company

Generator Labs, LLC is a cutting-edge energy supplement manufacturer and distributor based in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Company currently produces Generator Energy Shot under the Rhino Mike™ brand and plans to produce and distribute numerous other varieties of energy products in the near future. Generator Energy Shots can be purchased at retail outlets nationwide as well as online at

The Author

Peter A. Pietrini, NSCA-CPT, is one of the top technical fitness trainers in the country. Mr. Pietrini is certified by the NSCA, the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a widely respected health and fitness advocate. Information about Peter Pietrini can be found at

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