Mateo Blanco Transforms Everyday Items into Art

Successful Miami artist transforms everyday items into masterpieces. He sees art in everyone and everything while working toward his new projects.

Miami, Fla, United States., November 8, 2017 - (PressReleasePoint) - It might just be sugar, a coffee bean, peanut, chocolate bar, doll eye, playing card, dice, cloth or string to everyone; but those everyday items become art for Mateo Blanco.


Not everyone knows the Miami native, or his art. But Believe It or Not! Everyone might have seen many of his pieces, and were probably captivated by them. Now Mateo Blanco hopes to become a household name through his upcoming masterpieces.


“I want the good in me to inspire the good in you,” says Blanco. “Each of my works is unique, just like an individual human being.”


Blanco finds inspiration all the over the place. The smell of coffee inspired portraits of pop icons Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey. Both faces emerge through thousands of aromatic coffee beans.


“I see art in everything and in everyone,” says Blanco. “I have always thought the mind is a canvas where we can paint what seems unthinkable.”


The peculiarity of his artwork landed him with Ripley’s Believe It or Not! When the oddity collection group purchased the dress Marilyn Monroe wore to serenade President John F. Kennedy in 1962, Blanco found inspiration again.


“When I saw the shine of the crystals on the iconic dress I knew what my next piece would be,” explains Blanco.


Over five months, he used thousands of crystals, fabric and threads from the golden age of Hollywood to create a portrait of the blonde bombshell. Ripley’s paid more than anyone has at an auction for a dress; Blanco can relate to the extravagance surrounding it.


“The Marilyn portrait is definitely the most expensive artwork of my career,” reveals Blanco.


Blanco got to display his portrait beside the iconic dress. The art will now head to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to be placed on display; Blanco’s art has now been showcased on five continents, including here in North America. Galleries in Miami and Disney Springs house some of Blanco’s art; private collectors also follow him to purchase their favorite pieces.


Work is already underway on Blanco’s next project, a collection dedicated to Madonna. You will have to see it in person to really appreciate it.


“Unlike my other pieces, you won’t be able to look at it online,” says Blanco. “I’ve created an optical illusion that only allows you to make out the features of Madonna in person.”


Blanco hopes to reveal the finished Madonna “Desire” collection by the end of 2017.


He doesn’t limit his masterpieces to just the rich and famous. Blanco commissions himself to anyone who would like a portrait done.


“It could be of a one specific person, an entire family or anything you have dreamed of,” says Blanco. “As an artist, I am aware of the magical and intimate bond that art can create. My art should make people feel that the seemingly impossible is in fact possible.


Blanco plans to pay homage to his home state, Florida. He was born in Miami and currently calls Orlando home. In 2018, he’s planning an exhibition base to showcase all the wonders of Florida. He doesn’t want to spoil the surprise, but he did hint at being inspired by key lime pie and the Magnolia flower.



About Mateo Blanco

Mateo Blanco was born in Miami in September 1981. He spent much of his adolescence in Colombia and currently resides in Orlando, Florida. The American artist stands out for using unusual materials to create works of art, which have captured the attention of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! His art is sold at a gallery in Miami, and some pieces are on display at Disney Springs. Blanco is also a talented opera singer. He sang a birthday celebration for President George H.W. Bush.



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