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Matrix42 IT Service Management

Uniquely complete IT service management, with full workspace integration

IT consumerization isn’t a buzzword any more – it’s reality. For example, 62% of German companies tolerate or support Bring Your Own Device policies, and 60% also tolerate or support the use of consumer cloud services.  But the trend presents a wide range of challenges for corporate IT departments in terms of IT service management (ITSM) – and most IT service management solutions can’t solve them all, especially across multiple physical, virtual and mobile workspaces. These challenges include:

  1. Managing and resolving incidents across multiple corporate- and privately-owned devices that increases support complexity, drives up the cost of designing and operating device-agnostic services and requires a significant training effort.
  2. Defining support policies and service levels in terms of what devices are covered, the ownership of devices and data, security policies, and liability when things go wrong.

  3. Integrating service management across all workspace environments to enable comprehensive asset and license management, and the implementation of policies and deployment of services onto any device.
  4. Preventing the evolution of a shadow IT that heightens security and financial risks, increases the likelihood of data loss, and which IT cannot support because there is no visibility of the devices or applications being used.

A complete IT service management solution should:

  • Deliver a comprehensive, integrated IT service management environment
  • Help you establish clear and supportable policies that cover all devices and services regardless of ownership.
  • Win the trust of users by catering to their individual needs more precisely
  • Solve all your IT service management challenges across all the devices and IT services and workspaces used within your organisation
  • Continually improve the quality of service you provide to your end user customers

Ideally, the solution you choose should also feature user self-service that lowers the administration burden on your IT department.

What it does

Instead of taking a partial, add-on approach to IT service management, Matrix42 IT Service Management solves all your ITSM challenges with a uniquely comprehensive single solution. It integrates fully with all your physical, virtual, mobile and cloud-based workspace environments, and covers any device, regardless of ownership. Key features include


Thorough business process integration

Including 8 major ITIL 2011 processes for any physical, virtual, mobile or cloud-based workspace (Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management, Request Fulfillment, Service Asset & Configuration Management, Service Level Management, Service Portfolio Management, Service Catalog Management).


Integrated Self Service Portal

Self-help capabilities with access to a comprehensive knowledge-base; automated break & fix scenarios; powerful incident reporting and tracking, change requestion and a state-of-the-art service catalog with integrated approvals.


Self-provisioning (Ship to desk/self-help)

Enables non-IT staff and users to safely install, change or replace computers without IT staff involvement.


Service Level Agreements

Automated agreement of-, compliance with- and monitoring of service levels such as the time taken to deploy a newly requested and approved service.


Integrated license-, asset- and contract management

Automatic compliance, license reporting and application usage tracking.


Comprehensive dashboards and reports

For ad-hoc analyse of ITSM KPI and detailed reporting on every process.


Enterprise App Store (Matrix42 Service Catalog)

Self-service access and an integrated approval process for standardized bundles of company and public applications, within the terms of your corporate access and usage policies.

How it works

Here are 3 typical IT service management challenges solved by Matrix42 IT Service Management

Physical workspace automation

An employeewants a new application for his Windows, Mac or Linux PC

Through itsintegration with Matrix42 Physical Workspace Management, Matrix42 IT ServiceManagement enables the employee to

  • Make a self-service request via theintegrated Enterprise App Store (Matrix42 Service Catalog) or native iOS app(Matrix42 iPhone and iPad apps)
  • Get approval quickly via theautomated communication and approval process.
  • Automate the installation of theapplication without help from IT staff.
  • Ensure the application is invoiced correctly and automatically.

Mobile lifecycle management (BYOD)

An employeewants to use his personal smartphone at work. Through its integration with Matrix42Mobile Workspace Management, Matrix42 IT Workspace Management

  • Allows the employee to activate hisdevice by using the self-service portal (Service Catalog) with his Matrix42 mobileapp.
  • Automatically sends a configurationrequest.
  • Distributes a token-basedauthentication to the user via email following approval.
  • Gives the user fast access to the corporatenetwork, email, applications and documents.
  • Provides simple single-sign on withsecured authentication by using public-key infrastructure-based certificates.
  • Service Desk staff can remove corporateaccess and data from the device without affecting personal data and settings.

Accounting for license compliance

A licenseadministrator wants to check compliance status and identify opportunities forcost optimisation. Through its integration with Matrix42 Workspace Compliance,Matrix42 IT Service Management enables the license administrator to

  • Check authorisation againstrequirements based on a consolidated view of deployment and usage.
  • Check for missing licenses, identifyopportunities to cancel unused licenses, and other potential cost-efficienciessuch as purchasing products by suite.
  • Record new license purchases andcapture relevant data.
  • Approve the new compliance status and send an update to managers.

Your benefits

Greater business agility through streamlined processes

  • Consolidated, efficient IT servicemanagement with one complete, best-in-class solution from a single provider.
  • Integrated, automated userself-service.
  • Drastically reduced compliance fulfilment cost and effort through built-inand automated compliance management.

Lower business risk

  • Consolidated, efficient IT servicemanagement with a complete, best-in-class solution from the independent marketleader in Germany.
  • Innovative and proven technologythat minimises the risk of making necessary changes to your IT infrastructure.
  • Secure integration of high-usageapps and cloud services into the controllable IT environment, eliminating theneed for potentially dangerous “shadow IT”.
  • Deep expertise and experience gainedthrough thousands of successful deployments.

Increased end user productivity and satisfaction with IT

  • Efficient, effective working withfast, flexible and anytime, anywhere access to a personalised workspace on anydevice.
  • Enhanced satisfaction with ITthrough closer consultancy with IT on user requirements and fast, self-serviceuser access to the right applications, whenever they are needed.
  • Fast issue resolution through transparentservice levels
  • Smoother operations by minimisingservice downtime usually associated with hardware and software configuration,installation and updates.

Optimised costs, maximum value

  • Free up resources with automated-and self-service workspace management, and integrated compliance fulfilment.
  • Shortest route to ROI due to leaninfrastructure requirements.
  • Integration with asset, contract andlicense management with usage analysis capabilities that enable continuous ITcost optimisation
  • Optimised ROI through ability to develop and use self-developed apps forcore processes.

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