MAX Agency's Rebuttal Against Rip Off Report Slanderous Postings

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MAX Agency defends itself against Rip Off Report's slanderous postings.

Toronto, ON, Canada, February 06, 2009 --"(PressReleasePoint)"-- MAX Agency defends itself against Rip Off Report's slanderous postings.

The postings on claim MAX Agency's staff are not allowed bathroom breaks, their pet Caiman is never fed and their Talent get assignments, sometimes. Confused? So were we.

We spoke with Antonio Bacci who is in charge of Legal & Accounting for MAX Agency, " The postings are untrue and ridiculous. None of the postings are verified for legitimacy nor are the people who post them liable. I could post a comment on Rip Off Report stating " MAX Agency charged my daughter over One Hundred and Fifty Thousand dollars in fees" and they would post it." Antonio continued by asking " Do you know why they do this? Its because Rip Off is a Extortion Website. The Owner of the website, Ed Magedson, is currently under investigation by the FBI for extortion."

Antonio showed us several video clips of News Stations across North America that have investigated the business practices of Ed Magedson and his Rip Off Report website.

For more information on Ed Magedson and visit the links below, Click and/or copy them to your browser;

Ed Magedson and the Rip Off Report EXPOSED in a WSVN Fox News Television Report!

It turns out Mr. Magedson runs a complete scam. Magedson allows people to post negative comments against companies without verifying the source or legitimacy and he doesn't remove any postings nor does he allow the person who posted it to be able to remove his/her own postings. Sometimes Magedson himself makes up fake slanderous and/or negative comments against companies
and posts them. He then waits for the companies to contact him regarding the slanderous postings. Magedson offers companies a so called 'Corporate Advocacy Program" ; basically he tells the companies to pay him Five, Ten even Thirty Thousands Dollars and in return he will remove the negative postings and replace them with positive ones. How very clever. Magedson is currently wanted in over 12 States for Extortion and Racketeering.

Antonio expressed his final thoughts on the situation, "MAX Agency has been in business for almost 10 Years. We are very successful, our Talent have worked with clients ranging from Nike, Labatt's, GM, Sony, McDonald's , CBC and the list goes on. We do our very best in promoting our Talent. We are ethical and straight forward; all our Talent are promoted equally and honestly. However, at the end of the day it is up to the client to decide who they would like to see for an audition and who they would like to hire for the assignment. MAX Agency also pays for all Training and Workshops for its Talent. The training/workshop classes help build confidence in our talent, which in return increases the chances of our Talent landing the part/role at an audition. We are having a great start to 2009 with lots of auditions and assignments. Its a complete shame that websites like Rip Off Report are allowed to harm the reputation and success of honest businesses with lies and false accusations."

If you would like more information on Ed Magedson and visit; and

For more information on MAX Agency, visit there website at

If you have been slandered and defamed on Ed Magedson's sites, extorted by Magedson or have been the victim of an attempt to exortion by him, PLEASE FILE A REPORT WITH THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION AGAINST ED MAGEDSON AND RIPOFFREPORT.COM by visiting;

WARNING: MAX Agency wishes to warn individuals such as disgruntled employees or competitor type of businesses, seeking to harm IMAX Agency and or its owner, and/or employees, and/or Talent, and/or its Clients, by posting defaming comments on Magedson's site. All the companies and individuals suing Magedson and his shaddy extorsion business will eventually have access to information pertaining to the identity of the parties who posted the slandering, defaming comments. Including of course Magedson himself, his employees and partners. Such criminals will be charged and sued to the full extent of the Law.

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MAX Agency
2063 Yonge St. Suite 202
Toronto, ON M4S-2A2
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