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Mr. Rajesh Sharma, Founder-Director of LetsComply, mentored groups of entrepreneurs in various events and Startups meet in New Delhi.

New Delhi, Delhi, india, May 13, 2016 - (PressReleasePoint) -

By: Rajesh Sharma,
Founder-Director of LetsComply
“Planning is easy, implementation is hard, and execution of both leads to success.” – Rajesh Sharma
Noida, November 18th, 2015: An Interactive Session on ESOP Issues – Amity Innovation Incubator

“The performance of the company is the outcome of its employees’ efforts. The more they are encouraged to work efficiently, better the position achieved by the company in the market.” 
Since last one decade, the Startups have been booming in India. Simultaneously, the concept of ESOP has also been mushrooming amongst corporate players who want a mechanism that could retain talents in their company and thereby, enhance the performance of their employees. Mr. Rajesh Sharma addressed an interactive session on ESOP which was organized by Amity Innovation Incubator on November 18th, 2015. He discussed the concept of ESOP with various entrepreneurs comprehensively. Mr. Rajesh Sharma gave his views upon ESOP as a non-cash retention solution, its importance, implementation of ESOP, procedure and criteria to issue ESOP and tax implication of ESOP. He also discussed how and why ESOP is a smart option for startups by analyzing Productivity of Huawei and ZTE, respectively.

New Delhi, 12th December, 2015: BW ACCELERATE - Powered by BW BusinessWorld

“The Life moves forward like a “Business Cycle”, wherein phases such as ‘Peak’ and ‘Trough’ are ubiquitous. One needs to establish one’s stand at those stages. If he/she is tangled in the Trough Phase, there is nothing to blame upon. Be focused, there is no shortcut to success. Efforts never go waste. If everything seems to be on his/her side during the Peak Phase, there is nothing to claim upon. Keep thirst for growth alive and continue to move forward with the same.” It is ubiquitous that most of the Startups are chocked in Financial and Legal intricacies at a certain stage of their business. With a view to express idea and knowledge on how one can easily manage those hurdles, Mr. Rajesh Sharmamentored a group of entrepreneurs in a programme “BATCH SECOND, ACCELERATE” which was organized by BW BusinessWorld on Saturday, 12th December, 2015. Mr. Rajesh Sharma talked about “Financial Aspects Critical for a Business” which also covered discussion on several topics, such as sales projections for the startups, intricacies in income statements and cash flows, valuations methods and fund-raise structuring.

New Delhi, December 23rd, 2015: Webinar on “Outsourcing of Financial and Legal Service” – Powered By LetsComply

There are innumerable factors which corroborate the stand of India as the most successful country in providing outsourcing services efficiently and effectively. The advantages of outsourcing are found specifically in the contemporary era, wherein the Startups are booming. They have selected understanding for their business, but don’t have broad understanding within the domain of Legal & Finance which are quite technical subjects. If that is the case in our country, then why one can't avail the outsourcing services which are available in abundance in India? With a view to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience of Outsourcing Services related to Legal and Finance, team LetsComply organized a Webinar on the topic “Outsourcing of Financial and Legal Service” wherein various professionals and entrepreneurs across India participated and sought to resolve their queries from Mr. Rajesh Sharma via online platform.

About LetsComply- Powered By Knowledge & Experience
LetsComply has emerged as the best professional service provider in the domain of Legal, Finance and Tax. Since its inception, it has done its humble but significant bit in assisting startups and other major companies through its technology driven platform to provide world-class affordable and convenient professional services under the guidance of experienced team of professionals with proven credentials. LetsComply is committed to help entrepreneurs and business owners to start, manage and grow their business by simplifying everything related to legal, financial & taxation in terms of regulatory framework of business so that they focus on innovation and expansion without having to worry about legal compliance, which, if neglected, can cause major setbacks to the business. LetsComply aims to be a partner in the entire business lifecycle for all stages of entrepreneurship i.e. Startup, Growth, Acceleration & Progressive Stage to make sure that they are compliant at every stage and grow manifold. LetsComply provides Virtual Intelligence by way of Virtual CFO (vCFO) and Virtual General Counsel services in order to bring accelerated growth to the business. It houses a team of experienced Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Cost Accountants, Corporate Lawyers Management Graduates, IP Attorneys and Technologists to assist the businesses in the best possible way at all levels.
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