Modern Home Security Systems Introduce New Features to Improve User Experience in Michigan

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“Modern Home Security Systems have introduced latest features recently for better user experience and home security.”

Michigan, USA., August 3, 2018 - (PressReleasePoint) - Recently, latest home security systems made considerable advancements by introducing new features for better user experience and providing standard home security. The new technology enables smartphone control, smart home management, 2-way communication system and other novel features for comprehensive home security and protection. These features are said to be game-changers, being more reliable, convenient and foolproof.

Smartphone access control gives opportunity to access home security systems using smartphones and other internet-connected devices. Interaction with security panel and equipment is possible virtually now. Old means of interaction have faded. No one wants to get up every time to arm/disarm their security system. Today, modern home security systems also have a smartphone app for this purpose. Smartphone control enables customers to use their security system with ease, making home security and protection controllable virtually now. Latest home security entry equipment such as, keyless entry door locks, home surveillance cameras, smart bulbs and image sensors etc. all come with smartphone access. Not only this, customers can also get instant security notifications through their smartphone app and review a device activity remotely.

With smart home management system, novel home security systems offer devices that help cut down on heavy bills as well, giving customers more convenience and are easy to operate for anyone. Smart home security equipment is gaining popularity worldwide because of being fully automated.

Another novel technology widely used by home security system providers is 2-way communication. This technology helps improve communication between user and the monitoring agents at the hour of need. During emergencies, the monitoring agents are enabled to communicate with the homeowners, just to minimize false alarm risks and confirm the alarm warning with the help of 2-way communication.

Crash and Smash Technology is another innovative solution that is provided to improve home security of customers. With Crash and Smash technology, risks of hacking, crashing and smashing a home security system can be minimized. The alarm system can still work even if the central control panel is completely damaged or destroyed.

Wireless home security systems that come with Passive Infrared (PIR) Technology is ridding customers with risks of false alarms, triggered due to their pets. In fact, the PIR enabled motion detectors are safer for the pets and homeowners alike. The technology is capable to distinguish between human and animal movement.

Geo-fencing is yet another widely applied technology that modern home security system providers in Michigan are adding. It is a service based on customer’s location. It helps activate a programmed action as soon as a cellphone exits or enters a cybernetic boundary around a specific location. This location in home security systems is usually a customer’s home. Geo-fencing technology helps users to turn on a gadget as soon as they enter/exit their home. This new feature also enables users to set up controls according to their requirements. For instance, it enables to turn on home lights when a homeowner enters their geo-fence and turns off when they exit.

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