Mr. Smith Goes To Washington - What Connor Vlakancic, Nonpartisan Patriot Candidate For U.S. Senator Will Do.

"Political Leadership – Greatly admired, but not understood, is thus contradictorily under appreciated" observes Vlakancic, adding that, "voters are demanding change in Political Leadership in the pragmatic positive sense of change, not just alternating duopoly brands of professional career politicians".

SANTA CRUZ, California -- Vlakancic wrote the original "The Contract With America" which was published by US Library of Congress, 16 February, 1995, (TXU-677-207). He was the first Reform Party candidate in November 1985 when Rep. Norm Mineta resigned. Vlakancic observes: "California voters are increasingly, since 1996, changing to register as non-partisan Independent voters". He says: "I get-it" with his 15 years of campaigning as candidate for U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator. Here is a brief outline of several of his intended political leadership visions that he explains in substantial detail on his campaign website.

Coming up to speed as a freshman Nonpartisan US Senator is an important concern to the electorate. How long does it take to become effective on Capitol Hill, and thus, impact crucial committees that are important to California? This can be achieved with his national formal training syllabus for preliminary candidate education as he has accomplished.

Initiate a California Constitutional Initiative to amend the qualifications for new voter registration. Current law provides that: When a person “is” 18 years on the day of a General Election they may register and vote in that General Election. The new amended qualifications to be changed to: When a person “will be” 18 years…. This Initiative will be the transformational means for such youth to immediately (two years earlier) start developing their political experience because future tax-burden legislation impacts them the most (certainly the longest).

Initiate a California Constitutional Initiative to amend the qualifications for non-partisan Independent candidates to qualify their name on a state-wide November General Election ballot. Current law provides that non-partisan Independent candidates must gather a large percentage of voter signatures but that they need be only from a very localized geographical area where the candidate is known well. This Initiative will provide that a candidate need gather fewer voter signatures but must be from throughout California so to demonstrate state-wide support for their state-wide campaign. Initiate a California Constitutional Initiative to provide Preference Alternative-Vote election procedures. Current law provides that a runoff-election is not required in some elections (resulting there is not a popular mandate for the new elected person). This Initiative will enable voter Preference process in November's General Election to achieve 50%+ elected vote count (and nominate who are the most nefarious objectionably rejected candidates). This would be the California Proposition that would supersede Proposition 14 with ALL candidates (instead of only the Top-Two) on the General Election Ballot, when the majority of voters are most numerous.

Initiate a national US presidential qualification procedure for Independent president candidates. As the Electoral College election calculation determines the newly elected US President, this procedure would qualify a non-partisan Independent candidate to be listed on ALL state and district ballots when that candidate has satisfactorily obtained qualification on enough state ballots to reach the numerical calculation of majority (270) of Electoral College votes.

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