MSU Extension to host webinars on weed removal

MSU Extension educators will be hosting webinars explaining an alternative to herbicides to manage weeds that grow in orchards and vineyards.

Managing ground cover in orchards and vineyards is important for reducing competition among fruit crops and non-crop plants or weeds. In young plantings, weeds compete for sunlight, water and nutrients resulting in smaller trees and vines. In mature plantings, weed competition can result in smaller fruits and lower yields.

Although managing weeds is necessary, using herbicides poses some challenges. For example, repeated use of the same herbicide may result in weed resistance to the herbicide. If not applied carefully, herbicide injury to trees and vines may occur. In certified organic systems, approved herbicides are not as effective as their conventional counterparts.

The webinars will be held from 12 to 3 p.m. March 4 and 5. More information on the webinars and weed removal can be found here.

News Source : MSU Extension to host webinars on weed removal