National Puerto Rican Leader Urges Organizations to Empower Latina Women and Address Wage Disparities

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November 2, 2017

For Immediate Release: November 2, 2017
Contact: Jennifer Farmer, PICO National Network, ,  

National Puerto Rican Leader Urges Organizations to Empower Latina Women and Address Wage Disparities

TAMPA –  To mark Latina Equal Pay Day, the day signifying the extra amount of time a Latina must work before her wages are the equivalent to the amount a white man earned in 2016, Denise Collazochief of staff for PICO National Network, the largest network of faith-based groups and congregations in the country made the following statement:

Wage theft is becoming more rampant and impacts Latinas more than any other group of workers. Latina women are making 54 cents for every dollar of our white male counterparts earn. This must change.

Not only must employers re-evaluate how they’re paying their employees and level the playing field, but as a culture, we must dismantle the systemic barriers to equal pay.

Many women have been conditioned not to self-promote – making it harder to ask for pay increases or improved benefits packages. As women, we’re great at advocating on behalf of others, but too often we hesitate to advocate for ourselves. Women must be empowered to advocate for themselves, for the sake of advancing Latinas in the workplace.

If we as a society are serious about equity and ending wage disparities, then we must get serious about recruiting, retaining, promoting and centering the leadership of Latinas and other powerful women of color. And employers – whether for-profit, government or non-profit, must be held accountable for the equal payment and promotion for women of color.


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