NETC Commander Presents CNATT with Training Excellence Awards

Story Number: NNS140328-18Release Date: 3/28/2014 5:46:00 PM

By Maj. Dave Kummer and Jena Stephenson, Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training Public Affairs

PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) -- The commander of the Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) visited the Center for Naval Aviation Technical Training (CNATT) in Pensacola, Fla., March 27 to present several 2013 Training Excellence Awards.

During the presentation, Rear Adm. Michael S. White addressed the CNATT headquarters staff, touching on several themes during his remarks including manpower, technology, and ethics.

A naval aviator having flown in excess of 3,800 hours with more than 1,000 carrier-arrested landings, he reflected back on his own career: "If it weren't for the young men and women that CNATT trains, I wouldn't have gone very far."

The admiral also noted that in aviation, change is constant. "If we were a corporation and we wanted to hire a jet mechanic, we would put an ad in the paper and hire one. But we are the United States Marine Corps and Navy and we have to hire an 18-year-old, teach them how to put on a uniform, and meet our values, then put them through school - nobody else in the world operates like that. It's a pretty daunting task. To do it day after day, Sailor after Sailor, is pretty remarkable."

White concluded his remarks by noting that CNATT's efforts have a direct impact on the Fleet. "What you do every day is not for me and not to earn a TEA flag, but for those four or five thousand sailors on board every day that will eventually walk out to their ship, or squadron, or unit and make a difference."

Capt. Katherine D. Erb, CNATT commanding officer, accepted the TEA awards on behalf of the command and congratulated all CNATT personnel.

"Recognition through receipt of the 2013 Training Excellence Awards is testament to the great work our instructors and staff do every day," said Erb. "Each Learning Site, along with CNATT headquarters, contributed to the CNATT domain achieving excellence. Everyone in should be proud of our combined accomplishment for 2013, and I have no doubt we can be repeat winners in 2014."

To be eligible for the Training Excellence Awards, Learning Centers must attain satisfactory assessments on all periodic evaluations, which include evaluations of various Navy programs and safety inspections during competitive cycle spanning the calendar year.

In addition to recognition as a top Learning Center within NETC, CNATT was also well represented in the Functional Excellence Awards, garnering TEA recognition for the following categories: Planning and Programming, Logistics Management, Curriculum Management, Training Production Management, and Training Support Management.

For the next year, CNATT will be authorized to display the Gold and Blue flags presented at the ceremony. The Gold Flag represents the Training Excellence Award for the NETC domain. The Blue Flag represents the collective functional category awards to indicate outstanding accomplishments and excellence in the delivery of education and training.

The largest of NETC's 13 Learning Centers, CNATT trains more than 120,000 students annually at 24 subordinate Learning Sites located throughout the Continental United States, Hawaii, and Japan. Every Sailor or Marine preparing for a career in Naval Aviation both officer and enlisted, whether aviator, aircrew, or maintainer attends training at one of CNATT's Learning Sites.

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