New Compendium from METTLER TOLEDO Shows How to Properly Clean Balances

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Read "Cleaning Recommendations and Regulations for Balances", from METTLER TOLEDO's free online laboratory expertise library, to find instructions, recommendations and advice on what parts of the balance to clean, as well as how to clean them and how often. A standard operating procedure (SOP) for cleaning your balance can also be downloaded for free.

Many laboratory personnel are not aware of know how to take a balance apart to clean it or are afraid to dismantle it in case they disturb the weighing mechanism or invalidate the calibration.

Press Release: New Compendium from METTLER TOLEDO Shows How to Properly Clean Balances

However, with some basic information and a simple procedure, it can be quick and easy to clean a balance and keep it clean over time. It is important for the safety of the users who may be exposed to the substances, avoiding risk of cross-contamination between different materials, and playing a role in extending the lifetime of the weighing device.

To access information on this topic, visit METTLER TOLEDO's Laboratory Expertise Library. The "Cleaning Recommendations" compendium includes a video to show how simple it is to dismantle and clean a balance, an example SOP for cleaning the balance which can be downloaded for free, and a detailed reference paper entitled "8 Steps to a Clean Balance – and 5 Solutions to Keep It Clean".

The Laboratory Expertise Library itself is a collaborative space which offers a wealth of free information and advice on a range of critical laboratory issues. The topics are carefully selected to focus on the daily concerns of laboratory managers and personnel, and include issues such as electrostatic effects on weighing, regulatory compliance, calibration, and sample preparation. In-depth knowledge and expert advice is shared in a helpful and easily accessible format, with basic introductory or advanced information available. New topics are added regularly.

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