New Documentary Exposes Toxins In Food Supply

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Corporate InGREEDients Documentary Premieres Tampa Florida, February 28th American Health Reform Petition Online to Collect Ten Million Signatures to Ban Chemical Foods.

Land O Lakes, FL, February, 24, 2009 (PressReleasePoint) -- A new documentary "Corporate InGREEDients" is having its' world premiere at the Gasprilla Film Festival in Tampa Florida, Saturday, February 28th, 12 PM. For details visit,

You can find out more about this documentary and other worldwide screenings, at sirrebelfilms

Director, David Burton of the indie film, Corporate InGREEDients can be reached at for interviews prior or after the premiere of the film in Tampa Florida at the Gasparilla Film Festival, Saturday, February 28th, 2009.

Do you care about your health, the health of your children, grandchildren, your family and even your friends, then get involved in doing something about it!

Author/columnist David Lawrence Dewey and Greta Nuernberger Ferebee, a Florida housewife have joined forces to collect at least ten million signatures to send to Washington Senators and Representatives to force the FDA to ban chemical additives and Frankenstein foods from the food supply.

Ferebee started this initiative out of concern for not only her own health, but the health of children, family, friends and all Americans. Greta comes by her activism naturally. Her father, a prominent MD, spent years actively fighting global pollution.

Ferebee says, "My husband's diabetic diagnosis came 10 days after my MS diagnosis and I believe that both our illnesses were as a result of ingesting the
same sugar free coffee drink."

Ferebee was mailing Petitions to friends and family and standing out in front of groceries stores collecting signatures before contacting Dewey for help. Dewey has now joined forces with Ferebee in a nationwide Petition campaign to send signatures to politicians in Washington. Dewey is lending his support and is calling upon his readers nationwide to get involved in this campaign. Ferebee is from Gainesville, Florida.

Ferebee and Dewey has setup the website. You can read about the petition campaign

People signing the petition must list their address, city,state, etc. to be able to sign the petition, but none of this will display online. People signing the petition online can select to display their signing anonymous and only their state will show.

Dewey was the first journalist to raise the warning flag to consumers concerning the deadly health effects of hydrogenated oils in 1996 and also of the deadly toxin aspartame. With the help of over 400 plus mothers nationwide in 2000 in a letter writing campaign to Senators and the FDA, they forced the mandatory labeling requirement of trans-fatty acids on food products that began in 2004.

Dewey's articles on both are the most comprehensive and extensive articles on the net about hydrogenated oils and the deadly toxin aspartame. His articles explains what these deadly toxins in our food supply are, when they started being used, and the deadly health effects they cause from coronary heart disease, to diabetes type II, to cancer and autoimmune diseases.

You can read more about deadly hydrogenated oils and the toxin aspartame on Mr. Dewey's website at:Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers

Provided are numerous references and links to research studies from Harvard Medical Research, The Helsinky Institute and other reputable research centers around the world. His article has been read by over 34 million readers worldwide since 1996 and is continuously being updated.

Dewey appears in the documentary and also worked with Director, David Burton of Sir Rebel Films on the documentary. James Wensel II is the Producer of the film.

Dewey was a consultant on the documentary. The documentary exposes not only the facts and truth concerning how deadly hydrogenated oils are to the human body, and other toxic additives and chemicals added to the food supply, but the greed of corporate profits by the food industry at the expense of human health. Leading researchers were interviewed who will disclose in detail how hydrogenated oils and other chemical additives cause a host of diseases in the human body. Dewey says of the film, "if this doesn't wakeup people of the toxins they are putting in their bodies which are slowly killing them - then nothing will -we have generations of "Crisco Kids" that are slowly dieing from these toxic foods."

Dewey and Ferebee are calling upon the mothers of children, those who want to reclaim their health and those of that know of the dangers of these toxins in the food supply...they urge you to join in this national campaign to collect signatures on this Petition to be sent to Washington. Dewey and Ferebee are wanting at least ten million people to sign the petition online or to collect signatures locally. They can also print the petition online and collect signatures locally to mail.

Doris "Granny" Haddock, a 94 year old woman who walked 3 miles a day and ran for U.S. Senator in New Hampshire in 2004 endorses the Petition Campaign. You can read more about Haddock and her endorsement of the petition in Dewey's article about the campaign at

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