New Estonian (and possibly European) Life cycle standard imminent

August 20, 2014 at 11:51 AM

The NQS Eesti version of the ‘EVS lifecycle’ (lifecycle standard/ certification for real estate and renewable energy) created by GBC Eesti has been accepted into the EVS (Estonian Standards Authority) process to become a new Estonian Standard. EVS is the official state organisation dealing with integrating ISO and European standards into the Estonian context as well as vice versa.

The process is now underway, developing broad based approval to the standard/certification lead by the Estonian GBC and involving the Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Environment, Tallinn Technical University, University of Life sciences, Association of Project planners, association of construction supervisors, 3+1 architects, NCC construction and development, Oxford Sustainable, Sorainen lawyers, Hendrikson & Ko environmental consultants, Natuurehitus (natural materials building company), Parnu Commerce (building owner and operator), RKAS (Estonian state property owner and operator) amongst others.

This will be the first Lifecycle process developed and used in Estonia and as far as we know one of the first of its type in Europe (one of the steps to enter into the local standards process is to review against all open European standards to see that there is nothing the same, so this, with local adaptation, could then become the standard to be followed in Europe).

More details regarding the standard/ certification will be explained during the GBC Conference on 12th September this year

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