New IHS Kingdom 2015 Software Delivers Major Advances in Integration of Geology, Geophysics and Engineering Workflows

Industry-leading geoscience tool offers geosteering, 3-D geology and patent-pending technology for fault interpretation


Wednesday, July 9, 2014 3:06 pm EDT

"Now it becomes a shared workflow process, since geologists, geophysicists and engineers are able to use it"

IHS (NYSE: IHS), the leading global source of information and analysis, has launched IHS Kingdom® 2015, the latest release of its innovative geoscience software. This industry-leading application offers major integration advances such as dynamic map updates, geosteering and 3-D geology and fault attributes based on patent-pending technology, further enabling geologists, geophysicists and engineers to work in a shared platform for greater efficiency.


IHS Kingdom 2015 is a Microsoft Windows®-based geoscience software interpretation tool used by thousands of geoscientists and engineers in more than 100 countries to evaluate potential oil and gas reservoirs and plan field development for both conventional and unconventional plays.


IHS Kingdom 2015 is a major step forward for the industry in terms of workflow integration, efficiency and accuracy,” said Clifford Kelley, IHS geoscience portfolio lead at IHS Energy. “The application provides new, best-of-breed functionality for geoscience interpretation that spans geological, geophysical and engineering capabilities. This enables entire asset teams to work in one application, while also allowing team members to use their day-to-day workflows.”


For geoscientists, Kelley said, “it delivers detailed 3-D analysis for fault interpretation and fracture identification, based on Illuminator® technology, which is a new, patent-pending technology. It also offers geosteering capabilities, which helps engineers minimize risk and optimize drilling productivity. Geosteering is important for all field development, but especially significant for development of unconventional resources.”


For example, Kelley said, IHS Kingdom 2015 enables engineers operating in unconventional plays to identify areas that are un-fractured for possible development, and to compare fracture monitoring results against areas located away from the immediate borehole. The 3-D capabilities of IHS Kingdom 2015 significantly enhance the identification and understanding of geologic structures and potential hydrocarbon trends compared to the traditional geologic interpretation in map and section views.


Integrated with the new 3-D geology functionality, IHS Kingdom 2015 enables geologists and geophysicists to conduct dynamic depth conversion of time-based data — transforming a common geosciences workflow and increasing the efficiency and accuracy of a process that used to take hours to complete, but is now accomplished in seconds. Using data such as horizons and well tops, this feature allows interpreters to build and maintain a virtual velocity model to convert data from time to depth in a fraction of the time when compared to current practices.


“Typically, geoscientists would have to build and update velocity models with new data as it became available and then, over the course of several hours, would convert that time-based data from the geophysicist into depth, which is required by geologists and engineers,” Kelley said. “Formerly, this was a time-consuming process prone to errors. As a result, when drilling costs might run $100,000 a day or more, it meant few operators were willing to stop the drilling process for several hours to update the data volumes, even though accuracy was likely to suffer. Now, because the depth conversion functionality is embedded in IHS Kingdom 2015, the operator who is geosteering the well has real-time information to make more accurate decisions on where to steer the well.”


In the past, the depth conversion process was considered a specialty function — a static process usually conducted by a company’s resident geophysicist expert. “Now it becomes a shared workflow process, since geologists, geophysicists and engineers are able to use it,” Kelley said.


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Note: Image available by request to support this release. Data presented in this image is courtesy of New Zealand Ministry of Petroleum & Minerals.

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