A new partnership between UNDP and the World Bank widens the Extractive Industries network

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New York - Today, 3.5 billion people live in 87 countries that are dependent on oil, gas and minerals. About a quarter of them - an estimated 887 million - live in poverty. Despite the abundant natural resources of these countries, only a few of them successfully converted their natural wealth into widely shared wealth for their people.

A new partnership between the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the World Bank aims at supporting resource-exporting developing countries to benefit from their wealth through the GOXI (Governance of Extractive Industries) initiative.

GOXI is an on-line knowledge and networking platform for experts and practitioners working on extractive industries from the perspective of development. This platform is the only network that brings together government officials, development practitioners, and representatives of extractive industries as well as academics, civil society and media representatives from 104 countries around the world. Members of the GOXI work together on extractive industries-related initiatives and events, and share valuable knowledge, publications and news.

The platform was created three years ago by the World Bank Institute (WBI) through the Governance for Extractive Industries (GEI) Programme. Since then, it has transitioned from an Africa-focused network to a global space. Through social media tools, GOXI is connecting people and helping to break the barriers and create communication between all the actors involved.

“We are excited at this partnership with UNDP to build on the success of the GOXI community. Platforms, such as GOXI, mobilize knowledge and innovation for development. They not only make information accessible but strengthen collaboration among stakeholders that is essential to delivering solutions in our collective drive to end poverty.” says Randi Ryterman, Director, Collaborative Governance Department, World Bank Institute at the World Bank.

“UNDP brings to the partnership its global and local insight as well as its unique experience in using knowledge sharing between its 166 country offices. UNDP recently launched its Strategy and Global Programme on “Extractive Industries for Sustainable Development”. Now, with this new partnership, the network is moving to the next level”, says Magdy Martinez-Soliman, Acting Director of UNDP’s Bureau for Development Policy.

Our goal is to make GOXI a top-trusted source of knowledge, expertise, news, events, training and job opportunities related to the governance and sustainable development of extractive industries.

News Source : A new partnership between UNDP and the World Bank widens the Extractive Industries network

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