New Release of Unisys ClearPath Software Helps Clients Better Manage and Secure Their Data Centers

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Incorporating client input, latest release of OS 2200 operating environment provides powerful data center management and security capabilities, as well as ability to access vital data from mobile devices


BLUE BELL, Pa., February 26, 2014Unisys Corporation (NYSE: UIS) today announced a new release of the flagship ClearPath OS 2200 operating system environment.

ClearPath OS 2200 Release 15.0 is the newest version of the integrated software stack for the company’s ClearPath Dorado servers. Unisys has developed, tested and qualified the latest software required to enhance system performance and availability for mission-critical core business applications.

In addition, Unisys has enhanced its Business Information Server (BIS) software, used for rapid application development, with new capabilities for OS 2200 as well as for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Oracle Solaris environments. 

The enhancements to OS 2200 and BIS help clients automate, manage, modernize and secure heterogeneous data centers comprising ClearPath and non-Unisys servers; reduce operating costs through  enhanced automation; speed provisioning of IT resources; and develop applications more quickly to address emerging business opportunities.

“Release 15.0 is the second major release on OS 2200 in the last 12 months, accelerating the momentum we’ve built in adding new mission-critical attributes to our ClearPath systems,” said Rob Cashman, vice president, mission-critical servers and solutions, Unisys. “Like all of our ClearPath software releases, this new OS 2200 system environment was developed with strong collaborative feedback from the ClearPath user community. Unisys is committed to providing ClearPath clients with continued innovations to strengthen the performance, reliability, flexibility and security of their data centers while enhancing the return on their longstanding investments in mission-critical technology.”

Client Requests Drive New Capabilities in Latest OS 2200 and BIS Releases

OS 2200 Release 15.0 includes 111 products, with dozens of new features expressly suggested by clients.

The key enhancements to critical capabilities in OS 2200 Release 15.0 include:

  • Data Center Management: New products and features enhance automation and streamline management capabilities. Apex, a new product, is designed to increase the manageability of Dorado platforms for non-specialist users by employing a common set of administrative resources across a heterogeneous data center.

    A new release of Unisys Operations Sentinel – which enables automated, single-point management of heterogeneous systems – gives users the capability to create reports that use dial and gauge graphics for an instantaneous visual representation of system status. The reports also show current usage of critical resources such as CPU, memory and disk storage for any monitored system.

  • Security: Release 15.0 builds upon the unmatched security of the OS 2200 environment, enhancing system configuration defaults to align with the latest industry-standard best practices. These enhancements also enable administrators to prohibit non-secure network connections, allowing only those secured by Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) protocols.
  • Application Modernization: In Release 15.0, Unisys has updated the ClearPath ePortal for OS 2200 specialty partition to provide access to OS 2200 data from mobile devices, including Apple, Microsoft Windows 8, Android and BlackBerry. This capability enables mobile users to access ClearPath applications through familiar interfaces. In addition, Release 15.0 includes enhancements for the Eclipse integrated development environment that are designed to speed up application programming, improve integration with OS 2200 software and make it easier to draw upon developers’ skills in industry-standard development practices and  tools.

With more than 60 new features – nearly half suggested by clients – the new releases of Unisys BIS software include a range of enhanced performance and developer-productivity features. The releases are:

  • 48R1 for ClearPath OS 2200;
  • 12.1 for Microsoft Windows; and
  • 12R1 for Linux and Oracle Solaris.

Unisys BIS is an enterprise-grade tool that integrates business logic, information and Web assets, enabling users to develop applications quickly and turn raw data into actionable intelligence. It supports JavaScript for development of open applications.

Key features of Release 48R1 include improved JavaScript dataset handling and data processing; faster calculations; and enhanced debugging in the Developer Workshop capability to speed programming. Releases 12.1 and 12R1 include new features such as customizable database size and enhanced debug capabilities.

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