Nexans facilitates the daily work of the professional electricians thanks to EASYCALC™, its free and new cable sizing tool

Designed for professionals, EASYCALC™ provides a reliable solution for their electrical installation

Paris, July 10, 2014 – Nexans, a global expert in the cabling industry, announces the launch of EASYCALC™, a free new cable sizing tool. EASYCALC™ aims at professional electricians and installers. It helps them quickly and easily determine the appropriate cable cross-section for their electrical installation. Distributors will also benefit from the tool to support their own customers on a day-to-day basis by performing the calculation themselves.
Cable sizing is essential to ensure the proper functioning of an electrical installation. The cables installed must ensure the full and above all safe electrical supply of the whole installation. EASYCALC™ is therefore set to become part of installers’ daily work enabling them to determine the cable cross section best suited to their needs.

EASYCALC™ is available online from the Nexans website ( or as a smart phone application (cell phone and tablet) for electrical installers on the move (on a worksite, at a client’s premises, etc.). The smart phone application can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play. The application requires an internet connection to work.

Following the tool’s successful launch in France, Nexans plans to expand its roll-out to other countries in the short/medium term.

How to use EASYCALC™

EASYCALC™ allows professionals to perform a calculation in four quick and simple steps. The first three steps require information about the installation. First, the user enters general details about the installation (intensity or power, length, voltage and current type (single phase or three phases)). The user then chooses the appropriate cable out of the most common cable families used in electrical installations to fit the specific configuration. Once the cable type has been chosen, the user will have to specify the type of conductor (single core, multicore, with or without protective earth, with or without neutral, number of cables per phase). Afterwards the user specifies the installation conditions (open-air or buried) and the laying option. In order to ease the selection, pictograms are displayed all along the way ensuring a better visualization of the chosen information.

Finally, the tool will provide a precise result based on the parameters that have been keyed in. In addition to a simple and theoretical calculation, EASYCALC™ provides the appropriate Nexans reference with a direct link to the product datasheet.  The user can also print out or send the results via email.

Discover EASYCALC™ at the Apple Store and Google Play

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