In The Next 24 Hours, 274 Persons In Brazil Will Be Bitten By A Venomous Animal.

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Nowadays the accidents by venomous animals continue a grave problem of public health in Brazil, so much by the number of cases recorded, on average 20000 with snakes a year, as much as by the gravity presented, being able to drive to the death or heavy sequels.

As the human population expands and the habitat for animals is reduced, accidents involving venomous animals continue to grow. WHO (World Health Organization) estimates about over 4.5 million venomous accidents every year. In Brazil alone, this equates to almost 100,000 bites annually.

There is mounting support from Brazilian hospitals and health officials that by helping people better identify, elude or handle venomous animals, lives will be saved!
The Brazilian Snake Project will produce vitally needed communication tools to be used by public health programs including: a website, book, DVD, child’s book and a photo exposition to build public awareness. This information will be developed and communicated in both Portuguese and English. The tools will be used throughout public schools and the medical and veterinary community in Brazil.

Specific project objectives include:
1. Speed identification of poisonous vs. non-poisonous vipers, snakes, spiders, centipedes, and scorpions. This information is of vital importance when determining which serum to be given to the victim.
2. Define accident handling procedures for venomous animals.
3. Reduce non-essential extermination of poisonous animals to help preserve the delicate ecological balance and reduce unwanted rodents and insects.
4. Reduce and prevent diseases and epidemics caused by rodents and insects.

More information can be found at (in English) or (in Portuguese)

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