Next Generation Home Automation Scheduled to Enable Users with Gesture Control

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With wireless technology, it will be possible to operate smart home automation systems with gesture control.

Clifton, New Jersey, United States., September 11, 2018 - (PressReleasePoint)  – Modern technology makes it possible to use gestures to control home automation systems. It will soon be a reality to control home automation appliances completely by gestures. Advancements in home automation technology are all set to drive the novel generation of human-machine interfaces, to enhance user experience.

The new gesture control system in home automation will enable customers to turn on/off a smart light bulb simply by specific gestures. Gesture control integration in home automation systems and appliances will have a strong influence in near future.

Audio analytics in security industry already exists. And experts say they will come in the forefront soon. They help detect breaking of windows and alerting the resident about it. Video analytic on the other hand is involved in motion detecting modern security cameras.

Security industry made considerable use of video analytics. For instance, to distinguish between human beings and animals, motion tracking, and identification of human beings via facial recognition.

In 2015, mass marketing for audio and video analytics of smart home technology started. Dozens of home automation companies announced modern internet-connected smart home products that could monitor smoke detectors, security equipment, alerts homeowners and users about any problem beforehand.

Smart home automation industry is taking giant leaps. Smart thermostats, smart lights and cameras lead the way. A recent survey report shows about 2/3rd homeowners will have at least one smart home automation device by 2019. This includes 70% users of smart thermostats and 60% of smart home security systems.

For 100% accuracy, smart home devices should include smart sensors. Sensors in today’s technology are usually motion-based. To make them more effective, gesture technology is being applied. This technology will soon lead the way. Think about your home door opens with a hand gesture, smart plugs switch off an appliance with gestures and smart cameras start to stream a video decoding by gestures.

Home manufacturers are hopeful that the new gesture technology will have the potential to transform home automation systems in next few years. Gesture technology will soon become second nature of customers.

Gesture technology can detect movements. Modern gesture technology devices are capable to detect combination of motions. They can detect multiple numbers of movements, both at the same time. There is a high resolution sensor attached with them. This sensor helps interpret highly complicated commands and gestures. It enables customers to switch off/on their smart lights, adjust volume of different audio devices and control other smart home automation equipment.

Experts say sky is the limit for gesture control. In future, homeowners will not only be able to wave their hands to switch on/off a light, but also will be able to do multiple tasks at the same time. Soon they will also be able to activate and deactivate their home automation systems, dim lights, and control other home appliances.

Home automation system professionals predict that gesture technology will be commonplace in the next 7 to 10 years

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