Nijhoom Tours Released Bangladesh Tour Packages to Explore a Truly Undiscovered Country in Asia

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Nijhoom Tours reveals Bangladesh tour packages for people who are searching for a new travel destination, to discover a truly undiscovered country about which very little is known to the outer world.

(PressReleasePoint) Many people already visited all the best known travel destinations in the world in their holidays. Some even went to a single country many times for being not known about any new country where they can go for their next vacation. Some countries are not safe to go for being in war, others do not have enough infrastructures to go, and still there are others about which they do not know about. Nijhoom Tours, the fastest growing tour operator in Bangladesh and 5* rated in TripAdvisor, reveals Bangladesh tour packages to a truly undiscovered country in Asia to the outer world. This is a peaceful country where there is no war or militia groups or extremists, has lots of things to see and do, has different and delicious foods, big hearted people waiting everywhere to welcome... with their hospitality without hope of any return.
Bangladesh is a truly undiscovered country to the outer world. It is located just beside India, but very few people actually know about it because of lack of advertising to the outer world. This country has the largest mangrove swamp in the world called “Sundarbans” which is the home of 400 ferocious man eating Bengal tigers, spotted deer, salt water crocodiles, deep water whales, monkeys, otters, snakes, and many species of birds and other wildlife. This forest is split between Bangladesh and India, but the largest part (about two-third) is located in Bangladesh about which very few people know. This is a heaven for wildlife lovers and bird-watchers. Best way to explore this beautiful forest is spending 3 days on a boat deep inside the forest with a small group. Nijhoom Tours specialized in organizing such trips in Sundarbans which they organize regularly. Their Sundarbans tour details could be found here:
Bangladesh has the longest unbroken sandy beach in the world called “Cox’s Bazar” which is the most popular tourist destination for the local tourists, and “St. Martin’s Island” which is a very small and peaceful coral island which is a heaven for the beach lovers and honeymoon pairs. They also have hill-tracts area in Chittagong division which is paradise for trekkers. If anyone like trekking in mountains and hilly areas and forests, there is no other place better than the hill tracts in Chittagong. Tours for leisure on a private beach in Eco Resorts and trekking tour of different lengths are regularly organized by Nijhoom Tours

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