Nothing cools better than warm water

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19 March 2014 by Miron Niewiadomski, Bull Poland

Bull Poland has won a public tender to deliver what will be Poland’s largest warm water-cooled supercomputer, for the national center for nuclear research. The infrastructure will be cooled using the world’s most eco-efficient system, which relies on warm water. The technology will save the Swierk Data Center some €120,000 a year.

“The chosen solution is the most efficient available today,” commented Professor Wojciech Wiślicki, Project Director at the Swierk Data Center.
“This is not only due to the fact that water is a highly effective cooling fluid, but also because the liquid in the system is around 35° C, so it is possible to use a passive cooling system throughout the year. Compared with more traditional cooling mechanisms that use cold water, which requires a refrigeration unit, we are hoping to save around €120,000 a year. The advantages of this technology are all the more clear when it is compared to those using air cooling. Set against these, our system should allow is to save up to 80% of the electricity that would have been consumed, not to mention the complexity and size of the units involved.”

Thanks to a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions, warm water-based cooling systems are the most eco-friendly on the market. Its high energy efficiency means this technology is recommended by the European Commission as a target solution for future large-scale computing centers.

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