The NPK Spectron Offered the Software with Automatic Search of Matrix Correction and Consideration of Unnotified Concentrations

The NPK Spectron offered the method “Consideration of unnotified concentrations” by example of adaptation to ARL-3460
Moscow, Russia, May 30 2009 (PressReleasePoint)
The NPK Spectron offered the Software for Emission Spectrochemical Analysis to download and consideration. By example of adaptation to ARL-3460 it automatically searches influencing elements, regression equation and coefficients of matrix effect.
There is offered the method “Consideration of unnotified concentrations in standards set”. This method is recommended to use when concentrations of some elements in standards are unknown. Actually, not always full information about the chemical composition is notified in certificate of standards set. Furthermore, sometimes it is desirable to add to standards set some samples, which concentrations of some elements were gotten by chemical or other methods.
If to not consider unknown concentrations, the significant mistake falls into the analytical program when occur the calculation of matrix correction and normalizing to 100%. This method not the same as just define unknown concentrations by spectrometer because in that case these values not participate in recursion of matrix correction. For solution of this task the function of matrix effect is made as recurrent, i. e. calling itself.
The software can be loaded there:

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