NSA Criticism Is Out Of Control

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Citing the understandable wave of distrust in government in light of a lack of transparency regarding Benghazi, political targeting of conservatives via the IRS, and the severely botched Obamacare rollout, Center For Security Policy senior fellow Fred Fleitz characterizes the overwhelming misconception of the metadata program:

“The metadata program has helped stop terrorist attacks… however there are people who think this is a violation of U.S. privacy rights. I understand their concern.. but I gotta tell you that whether Jimmy Cater thinks the U.S. Government is spying on his emails, it isn’t. And, this is a program that we really need.”

Fleitz goes on to provide clarity that has been missing in the national debate regarding the NSA.


With Adam Kredo, Fred Fleitz, Nonie Darwish, Rich Miniter

Senior Writer for the Washington Free Beacon, ADAM KREDO, addresses the discontinuation of Tomahawk and Hellfire missile production. Without viable replacement options, this will leave behind significant void once these missile stockpiles have been fully depleted in an estimated 18 months. He also discusses the ramifications of depleting U.S. military assets during a period of global geo-politcial instability.

FRED FLEITZ, senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy, examines the Metadata program and the proposed changes to the program the President and others in the government want to make.

RICH MINITER, author of “Eyes on Target,” gives an inside look into his new book, highlighting experiences and stories from the Navy Seals’ most harrowing missions.

NONIE DARWISH, Egyptian-American human rights activist and author of “The Devil We Don’t Know: The Dark Side of Revolutions in the Middle East,” sheds light how the recognition of Shariah-adherent wills in British common law sets back progress of women’s rights.

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News Source : NSA Criticism Is Out Of Control

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