The Old Contact Form is Being Replaced With 5 Steps to Boost Your Website Leads

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Nate Kruska, CEO of Chroma Sites, a website design firm in Westport, CT, has released his latest findings regarding the lead generation gap so problematic in today's small business community. Lead generation is well known to be the number one issue facing sales teams trying to close more deals for their businesses.

Westport, CT, June 11, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - Nate Kruska, well-known business strategist and website designer has released his latest findings regarding lead generating through website content. This article specifically addresses the needs of sales teams utilizing their company website for lead generation.

“The days of the basic contact form are quickly fading,” says Kruska. “Today, customers don’t have the patience to wait for someone to get back to them. They know what they're looking for, and they expect to find it on the website. A website is only as effective as the customers it generates. For whatever reason, many web design companies don't put a lot of thought into turning visitors into customers. Most will slap a beautiful new website—generating more, high-quality leads is what needs to happen. For our own business, lead generation is the most important result of a great website,” he says. “We spend just as much time thinking about how to convert visitors into leads, as we do on the design. Using a creative approach to lead generation, coupled with tried-and-true web form technologies like Wordpress, makes for a powerful and enticing tool to intrigues potential customers,” Kruska advises.

More Effective Lead Generation (in 5 easy steps)

1. Give them something they want:
Kruska believes that every good lead-generation campaign starts with a great offering. The only visitors that will fill out a form just for the sake of contacting the business, are probably already sold, and that's pretty rare. Those who are undecided, however, will most likely move on to someone else until they find what they're looking for. “Offer visitors something they want,” he advises. “It can be a brochure, a research study, or our favorite—pricing! Obviously, what is chosen to offer will depend on what they are selling, whom they're selling to and how it's sold. Think about all of those things and figure out a great offer for the business.”

2. Get them to the form:
“We all know that the ultimate goal of a lead generation strategy is for a prospective customer to fill out a form on the website. But that will never happen if they can't find it.” Kruska has found that one of the most basic concepts that separate the good campaigns from the bad is a variety of different call-to-action text. In most cases, a link to the contact page isn't going to generate leads. Creating calls-to-action that actually relate to the pages the visitors are reading is the way to go.

3. Make it quick and painless:
"Most people are busy, and busy people have little patience for answering questions they don't care to answer. We'll always recommend that one only asks visitors for information that's actually relevant," says Kruska. “We take two things into account when designing custom lead generation forms. First, people are intimidated by lots of fields that need completing. Second, people don't like giving away more than they have to. It's been proven time and time again that the longer the form, the fewer responses they'll get. Decide exactly what is needed and what is not.

4. Make sure they're qualified:
Kruka also states that some companies want every lead they can get their hands on, others only want those that are just about ready to buy. “Give me one great lead over ten so-so leads every day of the week. Putting effort into trying to convert poor leads is drain on any sales team. That's why they should attempt to qualify visitors before they become form submitters. Filter out the tire-kickers and latch onto the ones they really want.” He also suggests that businesses find the right questions in the lead generation forms to filter the visitors appropriately.

5. Find a way to re-engage:
“Someone once said that businesses have to contact someone 5 times, before they'll be ready to buy,” says Kruska. “It's not always true, but it's important to re-engage and keep the business top of mind, before they disappear completely,” He suggests utilizing a broad spectrum of communication techniques to help stay in touch. Not only can forms automatically add new leads to a mailing list, but they can also segment them by their answers, respond immediately with an email, subscribe them to a drip-marketing campaign, add them to a re-marketing advertising effort, ask them to follow you on social media and even get them to take further action (like picking up the phone). “Determining which ways the business should re-engage existing leads is key,” he says. "Business owners should pay close attention to the evolution of lead generation because it’s a signal of how business has changed. As I’ve said before in the blog, leads matter. The new age of website lead generation is here... think of all those visitors that could become great customers!”

Mr. Kruska shares other ways to get more leads and organize great websites, on his blog at:

About Chroma Sites:
Chroma Sites, launched in 2012, focuses on serving Small Business with Websites, Content & Organizational Planning, Digital Marketing Services and Lead Generation Strategies. Their list of clientele includes hundreds of people and businesses in dozens of industries, including doctors, lawyers, advertisers, architects, developers, realtors, investment managers, business services and consumer products manufacturers, among many others.

Clients include GE Capital, Bayer Pharma, Unilever, Playtex, Consumer’s Petroleum, Modular Architecture, Newbury Village, RSL Consulting, among many others.

CONTACT Nate Kruska directly: Nate Kruska, PO Box 732, 1 203 366 7525, Westport, CT 06880,,
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