The Open University brings the Languages of Europe to your laptop

"Why bother to learn a language? Every time you go abroad, all the waiters can speak English, you can count with your hands and so long as you remember to drive on the opposite side of the road, you’re alright aren’t you?"

Not any more and certainly not for many people studying a language with The Open University.

Over 8000 students are learning a modern language – Italian, German, Spanish or French – and they do it for a variety of reasons:-

• To enhance their Language Skills - Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing in the foreign language also improves skills in ones native language
• To engage their imagination and give them confidence in interacting with people from different backgrounds and cultures;
• To broaden their horizons and allow them to fully immerse them in another culture
• To Improve their career prospects; learning a foreign language enhances employability and could open some unexpected doors

With low cost travel to Europe and increased movement between EU countries, language skills are more important than they have been at any time in the past few decades. Whether perusing the wine lists at some of the best restaurants on a city break or taking in the Football at Euro 2008 – The Open University’s Language Courses can help you take your life and career in exciting new directions.

Uwe Baumann, head of the Department of Languages at The Open University said: "Languages are fun to learn but in order to truly get the best out of them, they require time and commitment, not a couple of hours a week listening to a CD that comes free with a newspaper.

"The Open University’s language courses supply a fully supported, distance learning environment for the student with tutorial support and access to fellow learners learning the same course to engage with and practise their language skills with. The unique residential schools, as part of some courses, also provide a tremendous opportunity for students to fully engage with the country and people who speak the language of their choice and will teach them more about a culture then any guide book could".

Beginners’ courses in French, German, Italian and Spanish are being offered now and registration ends on October 10 2008 with the courses beginning in November. Intermediate courses will start in February 2009.

The courses lead to Certificates and Diplomas in each of the languages and they can also be combined in working towards a Degree in Modern Language studies.

Up-to-date learning materials are supplied including books, CDs and a dedicated course website with discussion forums. Each student is also allocated a tutor who will guide them through their studies and will oversee face-to-face or online tutorials with students. Some of the courses offer a one-week residential school in France, Germany, or Spain in July or August to hone the students’ language skills in a native environment.

There is also the chance for students to sample a free taster of the courses on the Open University’s Openlearn website which can be reached by clicking the link opposite.

Editor’s Notes


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