OTI Joins With Diverse Group of Tech Companies, Organizations and Internet Users to “Reset the Net”

WASHINGTON, DC —Today, New America's Open Technology Institute (OTI) joined with a coalition of thousands of Internet users, companies and organizations to launch a campaign for a day of action to “Reset The Net” on June 5th, 2014.  That day is the one-year anniversary of the first news story about the National Security Agency’s surveillance mass programs based on documents leaked by Edward Snowden.

Reset The Net is a day of action to secure and encrypt the web to counter the government’s mass surveillance capabilities.  The Reset The Net website at www.resetthenet.org details the coalition of companies and organizations which are participating, either by committing to improving their own security for users or promoting privacy tools to their members. Internet users are invited to join in on the day of Reset The Net to install privacy and encryption tools and secure their personal digital footprint against mass surveillance.

"As the NSA and other intelligence authorities continue to undermine the basic security of the Internet ecosystem, it's become clear that we need to build new legal and technical firewalls against overreaching government surveillance,said Kevin Bankston, Policy Director of New America's Open Technology Institute.  "The Open Technology Institute is excited to support Reset the Net and highlight the need for all of us – both individual internet users and the companies that serve them – to take full advantage of encryption and other security tools that can help protect our private data against snoops, spies, criminals and creeps.  Strong encryption tools are one of our best defenses against the sort of indiscriminate bulk surveillance that the Snowden revelations have revealed.”

Watch the campaign video and see a full list of participants here: http://ResetTheNet.org

More than 20 organizations and companies support the launch of the campaign including Fight For The Future (who initiated the campaign) along with reddit, CREDO Mobile, Imgur, Greenpeace, Libertarian Party, FireDogLake, Thunderclap, DuckDuckGo, Disconnect.Me, Demand Progress, Access, Free Press, Restore the Fourth, AIDS Policy Project, PolitiHacks, OpenMedia, Free Software Foundation, Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Code Pink, Popular Resistance, Participatory Politics Foundation, BoingBoing, Public Knowledge, Amicus, New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Student Net Alliance, and the Center for Democracy and Technology.