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Why you must post press release to 40+ free PR sites?

Would you like to get more publicity from your press releases or drive more traffic to your website. You can easily get better results from your press release by posting it to many PR channels/websites to reach more viewers. There are more than 40+ free press release distribution websites on the internet. Submitting your press release to these 40+ free PR sites can attract more readers, journalist and media attention. Visitors to 40+ free press release sites reading your press release may also visit your website. As a net effect, your site starts attracting more and more traffic from direct and search users.

You have already written a nice press release. Why do you want to waste this opportunity to get better search ranking and site traffic?

Posting your press release to 40+ free PR sites can consume 5 to 8 hours of your valuable time. If you have time and patience you can do it yourselves,
But we can do it for a small fee. Just $15 for five to eight hours of work.

How to order this service.?

It costs $15 each for submitting press release to 40+ free press release websites. Scroll down and press the Add to Cart button after selecting the options and entering the quantiy of press releases you want to distribute. You will be taken to checkout page where you can verify or modify your selection and go to payment page.( Credit card payments are accepted through secure Google checkout(Recommended) or Paypal). Additional charges apply if you select optional services.

Submit PressRelease to 40+ Free PR Websites

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Submit your press release to more than 40 free PR websites in our list. Hyperlinks / keyword links in your press release will also be posted on allowed sites without any additional cost.  Visit this page for more details about this service.

You may also select one or more of following optional services for additional charge.

Detailed reports: Normally we send you a search engine report which is actually a link that returns search results for your press release with links to your press release on various sites indexed by search engine. Detailed report contains exact links to your press release posted on various sites. Detailed reports are time consuming because we prepare them by visiting each site and collecting links to your press release listed on various news sites. This options costs $5 extra.

Staggered posting: Under normal scheme, your press release will be submitted to all 40+ sites in a single day. If you select staggered posting, your press release will be sent only to 5 different sites every day for 10 days. This slow and controlled release gives more Internet life time and visibility for your press release but it takes longer time to complete. SEO professionals also benefit from more natural link building. This feature costs $8 extra.

Customer's Own Account: Usually we post press release using our company account on other sites. Customers can choose to post on other sites using their own unique account. New customers who wan't to use this service must wait for one or two additional working days for approval and activation of newly registered user account. They may also supply a list of userid/password if they already have user accounts on other sites. New customers opting for this service are requested to supply userid/password of a web based email account or authorize us to create a new yahoo/ gmail account on behalf of your company. Web based email access is required to manage confirmation/approval/acknowledgement of user account and press release.

Front page visibilityOur site receives around 2000 to 3000 visits per day. Normally your press release will be pushed to second or third page within a day after submission. By paying $6 you make your press release sticky on front page of this site for one month. This also includes displaying links to your news from all other news pages in our site and scrolling your news for longer duration. So your news gets tremendous visibility for one month.
If you know any new free PR sites not in our regular list, you can supply an additional list of new free PR sites to post your press release.

Price: $14.00

PressReleasePoint.Com staff account or customer's own account can be used. I

Order multiple press release distribution credits for later use or one time use. Just email the press release and mention the order number whenver you use the distribution credits. You can also save on payment processing charges if you order in bulk.
You can enter instructions during checkout. Once you complete the checkout and payment, you will get a confirmation mail along with instructions for sending press release. If you face any trouble with above form for ordering our service, please visit this page to order this service or you can contact us here.

How long does it take to post our press release to 40+ free PR sites?

When you send a press release during our working hours, first we will verify the press release format.
Within first 75 minutes, we will post your press release to first 3 free PR sites in our list of free PR sites. If it is out of office hours or a holiday, we will post your press release to first 3 free PR sites within 75 minutes after opening office.
Within 24 hours, your press release will be posted on 40 free PR sites in our list.
Within 48 hours your press release will be posted on all free PR sites in our list.
If it is a holiday or if office is closed, time starts when we open the office for business.

If you want a staggered posting service, we will slowly release your news spread over a period of 10 day period, with your news posted on five randomly selected free PR sites every day. Staggered press release has the benefit of longer media exposure and longer front page visibility, generating more publicity and buzz for the same copy.

What kind of reporting do we provide?

We will notify you by email when we finish submitting your press release to 40+ free PR sites. A link in the notification email will list screenshot images of form submissions on various websites. We will also send you a search link which lists your press release on most of PR sites given here. Many free PR sites will also send you an email notification as we start posting the press release.Note that few sites in the list may reject the press release either because of internal technical problems or poor formatting of press release. Some sites remove the listing of after displaying it for few day. Most of the PR sites listed here have a review and approval process to check spam and poorly formatted press release. Success rate for acceptance varies between 70% - 95% depending upon type of press release and activity on that day. You can expect successful placement of your press release on 35 to 55 sites

For more information Contact Us. You can also reach us by mail:

Here is the link to list of 40+ free press release websites.

We will gladly accept new free press release website suggestions to add to this list.

Press release campaign generates online and print media visiblity. You spend time and money writing a good press release and submitting it to a wire service. Submitting the same press release to free press release submission websites can increase the effectiveness of your press release campaign. Free press release websites help you gain more online publicity without any additional cost. These free websites put your press release in front of more number of journalist and increase the chances of being picked up. They increase your internet presence and bring valuable backlinks which can help your website with search engine optimisation (SEO) and better search engine placement.There are more than 40 websites on the internet which allow you to submit and send press release for free. Posting to all these websites is a tedious and time consuming process. PressReleasePoint can do this laborious repetitive job for you for a modest fee. Just by paying $15, we will post your press release to more than 40 free press release websites. We will also post links of your company press release page to social book marking sites like, Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, Furl, Bluedot etc. Within a week you can search the web and find your news on multiple sites.

If you regularly send press release, you can pay in advance for certain number of press releases and mail your press release directly to us. Upon receipt of your press release through email, we will confirm you after submiting your press release to 40+ press release websites. We will automatically inform you if the balance in your account is used up completely.

 Visit this page to see sample search results for some press release distributed by us.