Papier LIEBL realizes its growth plans with Intershop solution

  • Switch from in-house solution to Intershop 7
  • Flexible licensing model and business-to-business functionality impress

Jena, July 16, 2014 - Intershop has acquired a new customer: Papier LIEBL GmbH, a medium-sized family-run company specializing in office supplies and industrial packaging. The e-commerce specialist Intershop beat out nine other competitors. The business-to-business (B2B) functionality and flexible licensing model offered by its omni-channel commerce solution were key to this success. As the only e-commerce software provider, Intershop has a highly diversified range of deployment models, from hosting and transaction-based models to SaaS and on-premises solutions, thus allowing for dynamic growth without the need to switch platforms when further expansion occurs.

In addition to selling products in its headquarters, Papier LIEBL Gmbh’s corporate customer division offers professional “C-item” management. C-items are consumer goods that are ordered in high volumes, but only account for 5% of the budget on average; examples include computer accessories, office supplies, and promotional items. Outsourcing the management of C-items reduces process costs while optimizing the product range and suppliers. Papier LIEBL creates professional online shops with unique company login details for customers seeking to take advantage of its C-item management services. As the market leader in B2B platforms, Intershop scored points because it offers the kind of complex B2B functionalities that are necessary for this kind of business model, such as flexible authorization and budget management processes.

Furthermore, the internationalization functionality of Intershop 7 was especially important for delivering to companies outside Germany. This functionality allows for different languages, currencies, regional tax systems, and payment methods.

Wolf Sternberg, Director of E-Commerce at LIEBL GmbH, comments: “After carefully reviewing all market players, we chose Intershop because the functionalities are unique, especially in the B2B segment. What’s more, we always had direct access to the Intershop specialists in Jena – from the decision-making stage all the way through implementation.”

Jochen Moll, CEO of Intershop, adds: “Online distribution channels have become an integral part of business strategies, both in the B2B segment and elsewhere, which is why they must be integrated and managed profitably. With the broad range of operating models for Intershop 7 and the software’s tremendous modularity, we offer companies the flexibility and expertise they need to grow robustly without incurring the risks and costs of switching platforms. This is what makes our solution particularly appealing to medium-sized companies, as Papier LIEBL’s decision demonstrates.”


About Papier LIEBL GmbH:

Papier LIEBL is your expert specialist in office supplies and packaging. Papier LIEBL is a traditional family-run company with 80 years of experience. It specializes in office supplies, IT accessories, packaging, and office technology. The Regensburg-based specialists excel when it comes to quality, service, and personal commitment. The chief benefit for Papier LIEBL customers is that they can purchase everything they need with regard to packaging, paper, hygiene items, IT, office supplies, technology, and furniture from one expert partner.