Physicians To Pharmas: Provide Patient Services Or Face Irrelevance

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New Manhattan Research Study from Decision Resources Group Helps Marketers Understand How Physicians Are Using Multichannel Information and Services from Pharma

July 17, 2014—Burlington, Mass. – Decision Resources Group’s new Manhattan Research study, ePharma Physician® 2014, indicates that physicians are looking to pharmaceutical companies to help them keep patients engaged in their healthcare by providing patient services. The study shows strong physician interest in patient support and resources from pharma, along with an expectation that the industry will take a leadership role in developing tools to help keep patients on track and improve patient outcomes. These findings come as Accountable Care Organizations and Meaningful Use Stage 2 incentives are pushing patient engagement to the forefront for healthcare providers and systems.


Key findings from the ePharma Physician® 2014  study include:


  • Seven out of ten ePharma Physicians somewhat or strongly agreed that pharmas must provide more resources and services alongside drugs and treatments to stay relevant in the emerging healthcare system

  • Thirty-five percent of ePharma Physicians said pharmas have a key role to play in driving progress in defining and meeting patient outcomes

  • One in five ePharma Physicians strongly agreed that they were interested in using patient resources from pharma that would help them meet patient outcomes goals

  • Sales reps are the top source from which ePharma Physicians want to learn about patient support and resources from pharma, followed by professional journals or websites intended for a healthcare professional audience and by email newsletters from pharma


Comments from Decision Resources Group experts:


  • Monique Levy, VP of Research, said: “Physicians are connecting the dots. They understand that to succeed in an outcomes-based reimbursement model, they need to engage patients more. Pharma can provide them tools to help with this."

  • James Avallone, Director of Physician Research, adds: "Pharma-provided patient support services represent a tremendous opportunity for pharma to engage physicians and a multi-channel effort by brands is warranted. In 2014, product-focused features are no longer the only piece of the puzzle.




  • Decision Resources Group will present a client-only webinar based on this Manhattan Research study, entitled ePharma Physician® 2014: Enhancing Digital Physician Engagements. Presented by James Avallone, Director of Physician Research, the webinar will take place at 2 pm EST on July 30th, 2014.  For more information, click here.

About ePharma Physician®

ePharma Physician® is a Manhattan Research study and advisory service exploring adoption of digital channels for prescription drug information, including various types of online promotion programs and customer service options from pharmaceutical companies.  Tablet-assisted in-person sales interactions with physicians—and their impact on clinical decisions and satisfaction—are also assessed. ePharma Physician®  insights are based on an in-depth, online study fielded  in Q2 2014 among  1800+ US physicians who use digital channels for pharma resources and connecting with reps (97 percent of all practicing physicians).  Every Manhattan Research study is rewritten annually.

About Manhattan Research

Manhattan Research, a Decision Resources Group company, conducts annual research studies covering eHealth trends among healthcare professionals and consumers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Broad research can be segmented by target specialist and therapeutic audiences. For more information please contact, call 1.888.680.0800, ext 2, or visit

About Decision Resources Group

Decision Resources Group is a cohesive portfolio of companies that offers best-in-class, high-value information and insights on important sectors of the healthcare industry. Clients rely on this analysis and data to make informed decisions. Please visit Decision Resources Group at


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News Source : Physicians To Pharmas: Provide Patient Services Or Face Irrelevance
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