Planned Parenthood Makes Final Push for ACA Enrollment; 80 Percent of Uninsured Sign Up

New Video Highlights Outreach Efforts:

WASHINGTON, DC -- As the Affordable Care Act’s first open enrollment period comes to a close, Planned Parenthood Federation of America announced that the group hosted over 180 enrollment, education and application events last week in 18 cities across eight states in advance of today’s deadline. More than 600 canvassers are knocking on an average of 29,000 doors a day, carrying tablets, and giving individuals and families access to technology that enables them to complete their application for new health care coverage at the door.  More than half of this work is being done in Spanish, helping to reach the nation’s nearly 1-in-3 non-elderly Latinos that are uninsured. Additionally, the group’s English and Spanish websites, which are designed for women looking for information about what the law means for them, have received nearly 750,000 unique visitors.

"Leading up to the enrollment deadline, Planned Parenthood staff and volunteers have redoubled our efforts to reach eligible and uninsured Americans with information and resources to help them enroll in new, more affordable insurance plans.  We know that the health care law and enrollment process can be confusing and that in-person contact with people in the community increases the likelihood of people signing up,” said Cecile Richards, president, Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

Today, Planned Parenthood also released a video outlining the group’s outreach efforts in the weeks and months leading up to the March 31 enrollment deadline. In just a few months, Planned Parenthood reached out to over 1,560,000 people and had more than 300,000 conversations about health insurance. You can watch the video here:

"Eighty percent of the uninsured Americans we talked to over the last week have started the application process, which is an incredible demonstration of enthusiasm and interest in the Affordable Care Act. Our English and Spanish radio and Pandora ads encouraging listeners in Texas and Ohio to sign up for new, more affordable health insurance plans before the March 31 enrollment deadline have exceeded expectations -- with hundreds of people texting us for more information about the law and help with the enrollment process,” said Richards.


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News Source : Planned Parenthood Makes Final Push for ACA Enrollment; 80 Percent of Uninsured Sign Up