Polish school visit for EU Good Food Good Mood project

27 June 2014

Five teachers and five students from a Polish school visited Edinburgh College as part of the EU’s Good Food Good Mood (GFGM) project, which aims to embed the relationship between wellbeing and diet into education curricula.

The group - from the south eastern town of Przemysl – came to the college for a week this month, and exchanged information on their GFGM project progress with staff and students at the college. College subject areas involved in developing GFGM topics include science, events, IT, communications and sport.
The group spent a day at the college delivering presentations on topics including their own home town of Przemysl and the importance of honey bees in food production. Edinburgh College staff and students gave presentations on topics including the potential links between GM foods and cancer, the effects of overfishing, and the danger of diet pills.
For the rest of the week, the Polish teachers and students visited Edinburgh's cultural attractions including the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh Castle, Camera Obscura, Arthur's Seat and the Forth bridges among others.
Science lecturer Joanne Mitchell said: “The trip was a great success and gave us the chance for us to share our ideas on the GFGM project and has promoted cultural exchange between our two countries.
“As well as the trips to Edinburgh’s landmarks, our visitors were also treated to some excellent Scottish cuisine by staff and students of the EH15 restaurant at Milton Road Campus; the good mood was clearly in evidence after the good food!
The visit was enjoyed by all and we look forward to welcoming our Polish partners to Edinburgh College again in the future.
The GFGM scheme is part of the EU’s Comenius programme, which promotes diversity of European cultures among young people.