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A Little Used Technique To Get Hundreds Of Sites Linking To You

Have you got as many visitors to your web site as you want? Most of us haven't and if we don't want to spend a fortune in advertising we are left with search engine optimization, and other time consuming and frequently unrewarding tasks.

It's not easy to get traffic to your web site. There’s only room for 10 sites on the first page of Google and as almost nobody searches past page three you have to rank in the top 30 to be found. That’s the top 30 of thousands, sometimes millions. Not an easy task unless you are marketing something very obscure. Trying to optimize your site to increase your ranking can take up all your time, and time is money. Even then you may just as easily be dumped when Google next changes its criteria- which happens at least every 6 months.

There is one criterion that Google never changes though, and that is the ranking it allocates based on the number of sites, especially important sites, that link to yours. Google loves back links, as they are called. Not all back links though. It defimitely does not like link farms or links that are not related to the topic of your site. In other words your incoming links have to appear to be natural links. Google thinks this is a good way to tell whether your site has value. If it has lots of natural links it must be important and you will be ranked higher. But there again getting links that are, or at least look, natural is very hard work and takes up way too much time.

There is a better way to get highly targeted back links that few people make use of and that is by writing and submitting press releases. A press release is simply your message to the world that you have something new and interesting to share. And it does not cost you a cent. Web site publishers are always looking for new content and if your press release is newsworthy it will find its way onto their pages. Sometimes it will stay in their archives for months, all the time showing your link.

You will only get this free publicity if your press release is worthy of it. Most press releases are immediately released to the trash can. This need not happen to you. Your press release will make it if you follow these simple rules

Write a snappy headline that compels the reader to continue reading.
Follow the headline with a brief summary of the release.
Make it sound like news, not an advert . Don't use adjectives like wonderful, killer, amazing etc.
Write for the public not just for journalists, this press release will be read by your potential customers.
Is there is anything topical or in the news that could be linked with your product? If so that is an advantage you should make the most of.
Formatting your press release properly is very important too. There is an accepted template that must be adhered to. Find out what it is.
Find a press release site online and read the requirments or use press release software.
If you do this right you could have your press release with your links in it being added to news feeds all over the internet within days.

And all this for free!

Author Details Liz Beresford is a writer and webmaster. Liz uses and recommends Press Release Equalizer as easy way to write and distribute your press releases. Check it out here:

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