Press Release Marketing - Drafting Effective Press Releases

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Avoid making over-top-statements like –
- the best ever
- the greatest
- your dream come true
An editor will quickly junk your article because no self-respecting newspaper, wiki, or website will ever accept blatantly promotional information disguised as a press release.

Instead, you should appear to be unbiased. However, there is no point in writing a press release if it doesn’t promote your company or your product or service. So the best thing to do is –

Create a problem. Is your server crashing often? Backups too troublesome? Capture the essence of your product or solution in the headline, which should be less than 10 words. Think of it like a billboard on a highway which must grab attention and make people stop in their tracks.

Offer a Solution. Use our backup solutions or host your site on our server…you get the idea. Identify a pain and then offer the balm for it.

First paragraph summary. Should cover the 5W and H of journalism ; for example –
- Who
- What
- When
- Why
- Where
- How

Then go ahead and provide more details in the subsequent paras.

The PR Pyramid. Give the most important, or the most sensational, or the most stunning facts first. This helps in 2 ways –
- your reader is riveted and will be compelled to read ahead
- the editor can junk the latter half of the PR without too much loss of information

In The Concluding Paragraph Summarize everything, giving contact info like names, URLs, email IDs, phone numbers, etc.

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