Press Release Writing - 5 Steps Drives Thunderstorm of Targeted Web Traffic

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Driving traffic to your website is one of the biggest problems of the small guy.

Nowadays it is easy to get products and create automated websites with killer sales machine. However this is a one time setup work.

But the most important part which you have to do on a daily basis is to drive thunderstorm of targeted website traffic to make some serious money.

Another problem is that traffic is expensive. It takes some serious money to attract traffic to your website.

It can cost you up to 50 cents to 5 dollars to attract one visitor to your website.

If your site is not converting well, you will be out of business in just few short months.

There has to be some alternative that can drive free website traffic that is highly targeted.

Luckily there's one. Here you go...

Do you want publicity for your products and services? If you answered yes, get started with press releases.

Awareness about your products and services to your target market can boost up significantly using press release.

Here are 5 amazing ways to profit from PR advertising...

1. Write a Killer Title that Grabs Attention.

Your headline must attract your visitors interest and get them involved with your press release. This is a hook.

Make sure that you communicate benefits in your title. Your title can also communicate the biggest problem your target market is facing.

Answer the basic why, what, how and when related questions of your target market.

2. Create a Short to the Point Summary.

The summary includes a basic intro about the press release. It should be just 1 or 2 sentence.

Then start with your first para.

3. Focus on your First Para.

This is the hook that will get your readers interested to read your entire press release.

Therefore communicate your most important information in this area.

4. Focus on Facts.

You cannot just pitch your readers with blue moons or any of your stories or opinions. Therefore make sure you stick with the facts.

Present information as they are, never modify them with your own recommendations.

5. Give a Valuable Statement from a Top Authority.

It can be either the CEO of your company or some well known person.

Let the readers feel how this top guy feels about this latest news.

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