PRTG Network Monitor Finds the Lowest Fuel Prices, Protects Blood Stores and Shrimp Farms

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Paessler AG Selects the Most Creative PRTG Applications in ‘My PRTG Sensor’ Contest

Burlington, Mass. and Nuremberg, Germany (December 18, 2013) - What do fuel prices, blood banks, pellet stoves and shrimp farming have in common? Each is being carefully monitored in real time under the watchful eye of PRTG Network Monitor, the world's most affordable and flexible network monitoring solution by Paessler AG, the innovative network monitoring specialist.

In fact, these are just a few of the most creative PRTG applications discovered among more than 150,000 worldwide installations as part of the first-ever Paessler "My PRTG Sensor" campaign, which asked customers to submit their most unusual, interesting and "off-label" PRTG uses.

"While the vast majority of our customers use PRTG for routine monitoring of network health, infrastructure components and other conventional IT applications, we knew from customer feedback that there were some other, pretty interesting uses out there," said Paessler CEO and founder Dirk Paessler. "But, even we were surprised by some of the creative submissions for our first contest."

The Paessler jury selected four monthly winners from the submissions in July through October. Each winner received one of four great prizes: a GoPro camera, a Nexus tablet, an Apple TV console and an X-mini II speaker with a set of Urban Ears ear buds. The winners were:

July: Shrimp lovers may be able to thank PRTG and Yann Ubes from IT firm Indeo the next time they enjoy these tasty treats for dinner. At a New Caledonia shrimp farm in the southwest Pacific Ocean, Ubes set up PRTG to monitor water temperature, salt content and pH value to ensure optimum conditions for healthy shrimp. Breeders can remotely monitor water conditions in real time using smartphones to maximize quality control and be sure their valuable crustacean crops are doing well.

August: Lars Meldgård configured PRTG to monitor the performance of his pellet heating system, including temperature, pellet consumption and the number of ignitions. He also linked in a weather station, along with a night vision camera and image recognition program to monitor the status of the underfloor ductwork system. The camera uploads an infrared picture of the floor to an FTP server every minute, allowing Lars to see which ducts are open at any given time. The result is a virtually complete environmental monitoring system that maximizes heating efficiency and comfort.

September: Four Calvary Hospitals in South Australia use PRTG to monitor refrigeration facilities for their vital blood supply to ensure optimum temperature and patient safety. By installing sensors and real-time monitoring through PRTG, the facilities have been able to eliminate the mandated manual temperature checks every two hours. Now, if the storage system reaches a critical temperature, PRTG sends an SMS alert to those who are responsible. PRTG also ensures the comfort of doctors at the facility, monitoring temperature, humidity and fresh air controls in the operating rooms and lounges. Finally, the Calvary IT team also monitors emergency power generators, air conditioners and other HVAC systems, elevator drives, server rooms and much more.

October: In Germany, Manuel Wolff minimizes the cost of fueling up his car by using PRTG to monitor the price of gas at each station along his route to work. German stations are required to publish pump prices online, so Wolff configured a PRTG sensor to check each station's website hourly, sending the data immediately to his smartphone, allowing him to know which station has the best price on the gas he needs.

"The sheer number of creative PRTG applications submitted is a testament to the flexibility and customization that PRTG offers-and to the innovative imaginations of our customers," Paessler said. "Of course, PRTG is also the most robust solution for conventional IT monitoring too, but we love that our customers enjoy creating custom solutions for such a variety of situations."

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