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Yuyun (13) used to wash her dresses at Cape Van Dijken in West Galela, North Halmahera

The breeze is caressing the skin, the calm sea water is sweeping away, and occasionally boisterous laughter of children and adolescents is sounding. It is the children that are having fun in swimming. Splash…! They drop themselves from the tree and drowned in the water for fun. The teens sat quietly waiting for the fish to strike the bait. That is a common view in the cape near Rimayun’s house. The name of the cape is Cape Van Dijken in West Galela, North Halmahera.

Rimayun or usually called Yuyun (13) is assisted child of Wahana Visi Indonesia in Operations Office of North Halmahera. Yuyun used to wash her dresses from the cape to her home on foot. She did more things to help her mother i.e. she used to go to the farm to harvest the rice paddy, sweet potatoes and nutmegs. The distance from her home to her farm is also quite far. But she did all of such works as a sign of dutiful child.

Inspite of these activities, Yuyun is student with a good achievement at school. She sits in the first ranking of her class. Currently she sits on the second grade of a private junior high school not far from her home. Yuyun has even been able to teach the children of primary school age.

What does she teach? She teaches healthy living practices such as how to wash hands and brush their teeth in a right way. She is one of the peer educators assisted by Wahana Visi Indonesian in the Operations Office of North Maluku.

She traveled from one school to another one in the villages to promote a clean and healthy living practices. It has been about eight schools that she and her fellow peer educators visited since Yuyun sat in the 6th grade of primary school. From her village there are five teenage peer educators, including Yuyun.

"I am very pleased to be a real teacher. So you know how to educate naughty children. Usually a lot of the children are not listening. I am also very pleased because from so many children from this village I was selected as one of the facilitators," she answered when asked about her feelings to become a peer educator. She also admits that he has got a lot of friends due to her activity as peer educator.

Her good skill to speak in the public made her a representative of the participants of the National Young Leaders Forum (FPMN) in June 2013 June from the region of Central Sulawesi and North Maluku in the the opening ceremony. With a loud voice and self-confidence Yuyun stepped forward on stage with the traditional dress of North Halmahera.

Yuyun also did not forget to play in the sidelines of her learning activities and helping his mother. After school hours she often plays characteristically traditional games of her village. Then she cleans house, sweeps, washes dishes, reads the textbook and then takes a nap. After waking up, Yuyun then keeps her youngest brother (about three months of age). Later in the evening, she continues to learn.

Yuyun says that she wants to be a physician in the future.

"There are only a few physicians in this area. If somebody is sick, it is very hard to find a physician here. You must go to other village for treatment."

It is one of her reasons to become a physician. After managing to pursue her dream, Yuyun will be back to her village.

Yuyun is also skilled in writing. The proof is tha her writing was one of the best writings from the 2013 NYLF participants coming from around 25 regencies/cities in Indonesia.

Talking about her sponsor, Yuyun told that since the 5th grade of primary school she had made a contact with her sponsor, and even when visiting Jakarta, Yuyun had met with her sponsor family. Yuyun admits that she is really helped by her caring sponsor who often sends her money to buy her school needs.

It is often that Yuyun is in arrears of her school tuition. Her teacher also bells her mother to ask her school tuition. Yuyun admits that poverty is one of the challenges in her village. Even after graduation, a lot of parents in the school do not pay the tuition.

Another issue in her village is early marriage. She takes this issue as the theme of her writing. According to her, the cause is the telecommunication gadgets such as cellphones.

            "That cell phones leads to early marriage. I want to be successful first and make my parents happy. I’ll not be like them." Yuyun has a commitment that she will not do it.

When learning together with her friends, she often asks her friends not to fall into promiscuity and they should learn diligently.

"You want to be successful, don’t you? Yes, you want. So, study hard and don’t be like our friends who get married too early," she said, mimicking her conversation with her ​​friends.

Her hope for her peers is that they will form a KBA (Children Learning Group). That is also her commitment after she is back from the 2013 NYLF.

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