Quick Press Release Writing - 7 Basic Tips to Press Release Writing

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Press release writing is a very effective advertising and promotional method. You can publish any aspect of your business or latest product launch through press release. There are rules however when writing a press release. You should take note that editors are very strict and choosy when it comes to press releases. The following are 7 basic tips to press release writing:

1. When writing a press release, stick to one subject. It is more effective to feature a single subject rather than peppering your write up with numerous topics.

2. You must remember that press releases are news. Be objective in presenting your article. Don't use hype words or unnecessary adjectives. Write directly and to the point.

3. Be factual. Your press release must have concrete and verifiable information. You are writing a news story and not an opinion article. Keep your opinions to yourself. Just present the facts.

4. Create an angle for your subject. Effective press releases are those that have a very interesting angle. It should appeal to human concerns. Generalized information should be avoided. Your readers must get hard and specific information.

5. Make sure that you write news worthy articles. Editors are very keen on this. They generally publish press release that will surely pique the interest of the reading public. You must also write up to date press releases. Remember, this is news and it should tackle current events.

6. Keep your lead paragraph below 50 words. It should be very short but can capture the essence of what you're writing about. Readers usually scan a page. If you can catch their attention, then your press release is effective.

7. You must include addresses and telephone numbers of contact persons who released the news. In this way online or offline editors can communicate with you if they have specific questions regarding your release.

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