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You write to express your ideas...

To write well is a challenge.
To write powerfully is an art.

Your marketing materials must express the passion you feel for serving your customers well--and they must urge/invite/persuade your readers to take action. Your corporate blog must accurately and authentically express your personal investment in helping your customers be successful--and in the process build solid, long-term relationships.

Speech writing must make your points and connect with your audience at the emotional level--where your message really takes root.

When you need marketing materials, you need a writer who will consult with you to find the best ways to promote your idea, your product, your service. You need a writer who is a marketing consultant--who helps you identify the real concerns of your target audience and helps you reach them with your solutions.

When you must prepare a speech, you want a speechwriter who knows how to help you find your deepest meanings and convey your messages clearly and in such a way that you will make your points--and touch hearts. A writer who listens to you. A writer who knows how to help you express your best self and so grow your business...and maybe even change the world.