Rendezvous with Real Estate Giants: Rhythm Realty

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Vaibhav Jatia, a young and energetic Managing Director, gets in a rendezvous with our colleague and shares the success story of Rhythm Realty, a trusted brand in the Construction industry and Real Estate Development. He shares his journey, his successes and his vision for Rhythm Realty.

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India., January 24, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: The reception area gave a very warm feel. As ushered to the conference room with the photographer. A dizzy dazzy modern art attracted my attention. Personally not a fan, tried to figure out what the artist really has to say. None of it actually made sense to the non-artistic mind but the awards and recognitions placed just next to it made a lot of sense.

Vaibhav Jatia, the captain of the ship, the man behind the name Rhythm Realty, the name behind the success of many-a-projects like Serenity Heights(Andheri), Center One (Lonavala) & Rhythm Residences (Lonavala), comes out as a confident man with great oratory skills. Breaking the ice, started off with the current project that is keeping Vaibhav in news, Rhythm Residences (Lonavala).

Vaibhav said that with the experience in these industry Rhythm Residencies, Lonavala is amongst the best property investments in India. It is an investor’s dream come true. Vaibhav and his team are responsible for a novel idea in the market which they have termed as the Rhythm Concept. Under this concept the buyers;
·Enjoy exclusive environment with like-minded, affluent residents
·Own a unit within a larger resort property with all recreational amenities such as pool, spa, health club, gym, children's play area, restaurants, bar, library, billiard room, mini-theater etc.
·Do not have to worry since the property is fully managed and serviced by 'U' Hotels & Resorts, an Asian hospitality brand operator
·Do not have to worry about Maintenance since all maintenance, security and service related issues are taken care of by 'U' Resorts
·Earn an income instead of incurring regular costs for maintenance and upkeep
·Only need to show up and enjoy

Then also pushed Vaibhav into letting me know how his Mumbai property, Serenity Heights is being viewed as. The response was highly positive. “Honestly, the whole market of Mumbai property is highly competitive and cruel. A good project is never appreciated since the margins for brokers are low and the buyer is placed higher than the middlemen. Serenity Heights altered the world view there. It was the sheer response from the buyers and investors that was so good that  renewed my faith in the Mumbai property market again.”

“What are the difficulties of being a real estate property developer in India?” was the question. Vaibhav chuckled to this but responded quickly that being a real estate property developer is close to a sin when it comes to public image. “Over the years, some of the predecessors i.e. builders before have dented the image of a real estate property developer by their acts. Bollywood has been everything but lenient with us. A villain is many-a-times a cruel builder who wishes to usurp lands of the poor. Honestly, it isn’t as easy as it is projected and no one wants to dent their image by doing so.” The baggage that Vaibhav carries for being a real estate property developer showed on his face. Vaibhav was really saddened by this image building.

Lastly  discussed commercial property investment with him. Rhythm Realty has a project named Center One located in Lonavala which is a complete commercial place. Lonavala as a market is growing and not growing randomly but growing at a pace which is mature and elegant. More and more city dwellers from Mumbai and Pune are shifting base to Lonavala to make it their permanent home whereas a section visits Lonavala every weekend since it’s their second home.

“The needs of the people have thus changed. A kirana store is not enough. What they need are super markets. A vegetable market is not enough. What they need is also mushrooms, cheese, pasta and such lifestyle needs. These can be fulfilled only if Lonavalites have a shopping mall to shop into. Then took the initiative and as a commercial property investment, Center One is a great opportunity for brands, big and small alike to cater to a mature audience who has specific needs,” added Vaibhav.

About the company:
The Rhythm Group was established in 1988 by the Chairman Mr. Ashok Jatia. Historically, the Group has been involved in several businesses including international trade of metals and garments manufacturing. Since the early 2000's the Group has been involved with real estate activities through land and property acquisitions in various parts of Mumbai, Lonavala and Pune. Mr. Ashok's two sons Mr. Vaibhav Jatia and Mr. Ashish Jatia (both of whom are graduates of the prestigious Wharton Business School in USA) left their respective professional careers in the field of Real Estate Private Equityto join the family business and build a real estate development business commencing with projects on land parcels already held within the Group.
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Rhythm Realty
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Maharashtra, Mumbai - 400020
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