Rising producer X-O-C releases debut single "Get Along."

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Rising producer X-O-C releases single "Get Along" taken from his debut EP "TheBreakUp," which is scheduled to be released October 8,2014 on PoeTrees Music. Inspired by the emotional and distress of a heart break and separation, X-O-C transports us through the parallels of a break up.

Cleveland, OH, USA, July 17, 2014 - (PressReleasePoint) - Rising producer X-O-C releases single taken from the debut EP "TheBreakUp" scheduled to be released October 8,2014 on PoeTrees Music. Inspired by the emotional and distress of a heart break and separation, X-O-C transports us through the parallels of a break up.


FREE Download of "Get Along" is available now! (limited time)


About X-O-C   

If anyone knows anything about Cleveland, Ohio, they know that Rock ’n’ Roll is a mainstay on their music scene. From the Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame to Nine Inch Nails, Cleveland keeps rock music at the forefront of their city’s musical tastes. Now, enters X-O-C. X-O-C (pronounced ZAH-ck) happens to be the latest Alternative artist to show up on Cleveland’s music radar. The fact that he composes, arranges, produces, and writes every aspect of his music is exactly what makes X-O-C the next big thing to hail from the Rock ’n’ Roll capital. With a sound all his own, X-O-C cites Prince, Michael Jackson, and Timbaland as his biggest musical influences. “They just know how to make you feel, and of course, make you move,” X-O-C declares.

    X-O-C is currently gearing up to release his debut EP this fall, appropriately titled "TheBreakUp." Written over the past year, after going through a tumultuous relationship, "TheBreakUp" was recorded entirely in his home studio, while keeping himself in complete isolation. “Writing the music for this EP has been incredibly therapeutic for me, and although I don’t want to pigeonhole my music as only relationship oriented, I felt that this story needed to be told,” X-O-C states.


    Ironically, X-O-C’s sound was initially to be used for another artist on their debut album last year. X-O-C had been pegged to produce the artist’s entire album, however the project was eventually scrapped. After sending numerous instrumentals to the artist’s manager, X-O-C was left with all of the material and no one to record with. X-O-C says that the music was actually coming from a similar place, because the artist was going through a dark time in their relationship as well. “After the project was scrapped, I just decided that no one else would be able to relate to the sound like I could, and that there is no better time than the present.” So, he began to write.

    In the near future, X-O-C plans on keeping the music flowing, as he asserts that he has “tons” of material that is ready for the world to hear. Starting with "TheBreakUp," due in October of this year, X-O-C will follow up with another EP that he promises will be both visually and sonically appealing. X-O-C explains, “When I hear my music, I see a story. I want people to be able to see that same story, and feel that same emotion.”

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